Canuck Trade Rumours – Feb 21st

I dated the post because the rumours change everyday.  But’s here’s what the Canucks are currently looking at.  I’m going to name the player and rate the likelihood of the Canucks landing the player on a scale of 1-10.

Bill Guerin (2) – He’d be a good fit, but the price is too high, and there is so much interest in this guy that I guarantee the Canucks aren’t going to win these sweepstakes.  The reason for that is because Nonis will NOT overpay.  But someone else will I’m sure.

Bryan Smolinski (5) – I have a feeling that Chicago is trying to dump Cullimore, Aucoin, or Khabibulin with Smolinski.  Basically, if you want Smolinski, you have to also take one of the stupid contracts they have on the books.  That is not in Nonis budget or plan to fix others problems.  If Chicago can’t make that happen, the Canucks could sneak in and take this guy.

Brent Sopel (3) – I have a hard time believing this rumour.  Nonis is not in the business of doing reruns.  And Sopel is just that.  Plus that, doesn’t Crow like this guy?  The whole rumour stinks to me, but it’s more likely than the Canucks getting Guerin just becuase there won’t be as many teams going after him.

Jamie Heward (8) – This deal will absolutely happen when Washington finally decides to go into a sell mode.  And it won’t cost the Canucks any more than a 4th or 5th round pick.  The only reason it will even be that high is because there could be a few teams wanting him.  It’s depth on the blueline, and not flashy, just what the team needs.

The Chief Canuck

Updated 22/02/07 12:48pm  Josh Plummer gets it over at hockeybuzz.  The only thing I’d add to his comments is that ownership should step in and ensure Dave Nonis has a contract past this one year.  It’s one of the issues in having a lame duck GM.  You want them to make the best decisions for the team, not for themselves.  Having another year on his deal will help him do that.

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One Comment on “Canuck Trade Rumours – Feb 21st”

  1. Zanstorm Says:

    Nice work! I agree nearly 100%. I’d rate Smolinski just a tad higher because of a hunch. Nonis is searching for a Kesler replacement after all.

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