Game File 60: Canucks 3 Ducks 2 (OT)

The Good

Finally, the team played well enough to get Sabourin his first NHL win.  Dany is a good goaltender in an unfortunate situation, having to play behind crazy horse Roberto Luongo.  I call him crazy because of his insane level of competition and drive for perfection, and a horse because of the incredible number of games he wants to play, and the fact he doesn’t like to ever sit one out.

So, here Sabourin sits, trying to solidify himself as an NHL, only able to get into a handful of games a year as the backup to crazy horse.

In some respects, it’s a great gig.  But you have to think the kid also wants to play.  Well, he played tonight and played well.  The team eventually played well too.

Actually, being that the the shots against were 11-1 at one point, you have to give Sabourin credit for holding it together.  Especially with the 5 on 3 after a cheap goal went in on him just before that.

As for the scoring, Naslunds goal was an incredible display of talent.  How many people can do what he did to Pronger.  And of those that may have talent, how many have actually done it. 

Actually, Naslund was all over the net in this game.  He was flying with the puck and got the holding call, which allowed for a 2 man advantage and Bieksa’s goal.  He was streaking to the net to get any rebound from Bieksa’s shot early in that 2 man advantage.  Bieksa scored, but Naslund was right there and ready for it.  Then later in the same advantage (one one man by this point), Naslund was beside the net trying to jam the puck in from beside the net.

He has really found his old game lately.  I think this team is finally finding it’s true identity.  They realize that they can be offensive and defensively responsible at the same time.  Especially with Luongo in net.  It’s hard to realize that after playing the previous 7 years with Crow telling him something different, and living something different when you looked behind you and had Cloutier there.

The Bad

It was a scary scary moment when you see one of your toughest players go down in obviously intense pain.  I have to say that there was a sense of relief when Bieksa returned so quickly.  As he said in his second period interview… ‘it’s fine now’. 

Okay Kevin, we’re glad you’re okay.

And to Nonis, I think that short amount of time in the first period when we thought it may have been more than a stinger made us realize that we need you to do a deal for depth on D. 

You’ve got a week.  We’ll wait.

The Ugly

If you read these updates regularly, you’ll know I’m a fan of this team being out shot.  The Canucks play a better, more well balanced game when they are. 

But tonight’s start was unbelievable.  11-1 in shots against?!!  You claim that Sabourin is a great teammate and you want to get him the win, yet you start like that.

I’ll give you credit for coming back, and your determination to do so.  But sixty minutes would be great when your backup goalie is in net.

The Chief Canuck

Updated 21/02/07 8:36am:  For those of you talking on about the weak penalty called in O/T last night remember this.  Every team plays by the same inconsistent set of rules.  Its the teams that persevere through the disadvantages, and take advantage of the opportunities that win the games.  At the beginning of the year, the Canucks couldn’t catch a break, on a penalty call, or a goal being directed in, on anything.  Add to that, only 4 minors were called on each team last night, so it’s not like the refs were deliberately trying to control the game.  Poor call or not, it’s in the books because the Canucks took advantage and scored the needed goal.

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  1. Mike Says:

    Hey man…not sure if you saw I responded to your comment about Sabourin on my blog. I’ve clarified my point on the canucks fan blog today if you wanted to check it out –

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