Game File 61: Canucks 3 Kings 2

The Good

Despite being outshot 14-4 in the third period, the Canucks were able to get the lone goal in the final period which was good enough for the win.

And a great play it was.  A quick hard forecheck by Green created a few opportunities, and kept pressure on the Kings down low.  That created enough space and time for Naslund to make a great play to Bieksa who snuck in down the middle.  And he just put his head down and put it where they told him to.  High glove side.

What I don’t get is where did the second assit to Green go in the final scoresheet?  If it shows up late, leave a comment below so we all know.

In case anyone is wondering, Naslund picked up another 2 points tonight.  If he keeps up his pace (you know, the one he’s had since Christmas), he’ll end up with 80 points on the season.

Not bad for a guy everyone was claiming wasn’t worth the money.

Oh Captain my Captain.

Just lead us to a Stanley Cup final now.  Please.  Your legacy will follow.

And on the Good, how does Luongo not get a star in this game.  Are the guys picking the stars for this team now taking him for granted too?

The Bad

Bad, Bad, Lazy, Lazy penalties.  Those are only taken in that amount when a team isn’t skating.  I don’t know why, but the Kings were flying around everywhere, and the Canucks were standing still and grabbing them.

Interesting statistic of the night goes to Santala.  He filled in for Chouinard tonight and played double what Chouinard did the night before.  And he got 3 minutes of power play time with Naslund.

The Ugly

While I love to see the Canucks outshot, because I know it means they’re trying offensively, being outshot 14-4 is too unbalanced for any team.

Other Notes

Calgary didn’t win, but did get to overtime.  Still, it was surprising to see the Canucks are now 5 points up on the Flames, with the same number of games played. 

Thanks Luongo.

The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “Game File 61: Canucks 3 Kings 2”

  1. Zanstorm Says:

    Ah! Times are good aren’t they? Nice recap.
    As much as I like seeing the Flames fall behind, I’m still really enjoying the gap between Edmonton and Vancouver!
    Do you think Edmonton is going to go on a tear soon like the end of last season?

  2. We’ll know after Saturday’s game I’d guess. They have to make a decision if thye want to sell off some of their guys as there’s buyers out there waiting…

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