Game File 62: Canucks 1 Stars 2 (OT)

The Good

They lost.

Truly a paradox.  The gross reality is that the team cannot win games time and time again taking an unbalanced amount of penalties.

Seven straight penalties.  But the worst was that 4 were taken in the 3rd period and in overtime.  I don’t want to talk about the merit of the call against Krajicek.  Clearly it was a weak call, but the Canucks had a weak call go for them in Anaheim.  It all evens out.  When you have a team take that many penalties, it’s because they’re not skating well enough and keeping their feet moving.

That being the case, this is a team that is known for their discipline and needs to get back to that style of play.  It’s the exact reason Vigneault through Saborin in net last week.  The team is taking Luongo as a given saviour and not playing up to the standards needed.

Now, games against Dallas are always low scoring and boring.  But giving up that many opportunities will kill even the best teams and the best goalies.  Luongo only let in 2 goals this game, and that’s only because of the excessive number of opportunities the Stars had on the power play.

The Bad

See paradox above.

The Ugly

Bulis played only a few shifts in the 3rd period.  It was interesting that he sat on the bench for 10 minutes at one point, then went out for a few shifts and took a stupid penalty with only a short amount of time left.

Bulis still ended the night with over 16 minutes in ice time.  I have a hard time understanding the high amount of ice time he continues to get.  But I’m thinking the ice is starting to get thin for him….

The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “Game File 62: Canucks 1 Stars 2 (OT)”

  1. Dan Says:

    You answered your own question. Bulis is getting so much ice time because he kills penalties. With Green out tonight, he’d be relied on even moreso.

  2. Rinslet Says:

    If Luongo wouldn’t throw a fit, I’d say pt Sabby in for the next 3 games 😛 just to try and get them back to normal working level.

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