Canuck Trade Rumours – Feb 27th

The day before the trade deadline… and the rumours are getting out of control. 

First rumour is that I’ve heard Marc Chouinard is on waivers.  What I’m surprised about with that move is that Bulis isn’t also on the list.  Then again, it’s only a rumour right now, so maybe he is.

But it makes sense upon the news that Kesler is 2 weeks ahead of schedule.  They’ll have him back for the playoffs and bolster their lineup with one more guy here at the deadline.  But to do that, they’ll need to dump Chouinard’s salary for the rest of the season.  (Note that he’s still under contract for next year as well).

Despite Nonis stating the prices are high (and I believe him, as we’ve seen it already), the reality is that the teams that have overpayed so far are desperate.  And once the desperate teams get there guys, the rest of them will be able to fill their needs without too much trouble.

That’s where Nonis will step in.  At the last minute for 2 guys he’s been wanting.  A center and a depth defenseman.  Burke did it before him and Nonis proved he’s following Burkie’s steps and did it last year as well.

The defenseman I keep hearing is Sopel from LA.  But I think it’s more likely going to be Jamie Heward from Washington if they’d ever finally give up on a playoff spot.

As for a forward, it’s a total crapshoot right now to guess who it would be.  Smolinski would be great, but Chicago is playing their cards tight in order to get the best deal.  And a lot of teams are eyeing him after Guerin comes off the market.

Jason Blake, Martin Gelinas, and Darius Zubrus are all candidates as well.  Plus Frederik Modin, but everyone is guessing he’ll be signed by the deadline.

But the best rumour I heard was the Canucks trying to get Nathan Horton out of Florida.  I love it, but don’t think Jacques Martin will want to deal with the Canucks in the near future.  Especially now that Bertuzzi may not be tradeable and they’ll likely lose him for very little or nothing at all.  Let me rephrase that.  They’ve lost Roberto Luongo for almost nothing. 

No, I don’t see Gelinas or Horton coming here just because of that fact.  But to get Horton, a good prospect would have to be given up and that may intrigue Martin regardless of the source.

I’ll update this post later today if I hear anything new on the Canucks. 

The Chief Canuck

Updated: 27/02 10:15am TSN has reported that Frederik Modin has signed a 3 year deal with Columbus effectively taking him off the trade market.  As each signing or trade gets done, watch for rumours to start as teams make adjustments to who they target. 

Updated: 27/02 10:40am TSN has reported that Darcy Tucker has signed a new 3 year deal with Toronto removing any speculation he’d be dealt.  A fair deal too, at an average of $3m per season.  I’m almost surprised Toronto didn’t excessively overpay to keep him.

Updated: 27/02 1:45pm Sportsnet has reported that Richard Zednik was traded from Washington to the Islanders for a 2nd round draft pick.  Looks like the Capitals are finally in a selling mood.  Expect Zubrus and Heward to be gone by the deadline as well.  Of note, Sportsnet did send me the text message on this first, so they get the cudos for getting this one.

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One Comment on “Canuck Trade Rumours – Feb 27th”

  1. DaveO Says:

    From the former Canucks pile … how about Dave Scatchard to fill the 4th line centre checking/face-off winning guy which Chounaird and Santala seem to have trouble claiming?

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