TRADE – Smolinski is a Canuck!

I did not anticipate this trade actually going down.  All along, I knew that this is a player that Nonis was targeting, and would be a great fit, but I anticipated his value being a bit higher than Vancouver would pay.

Only because I saw other teams starting to get anxious about making a deal before it’s too late.  That and I figured Nonis would wait down to the wire to see if the price would go down any further.

The deal breaks down like this. 

To Vancouver: Bryan Smolinski (Center), Salary $1,900,000, Signed for 2006/07, UFA eligible.
To Chicago: 2nd round draft pick (the Canucks have 3, and I’m not sure which one it is).

This is a great depth move.  This is a guy with almost 1,000 NHL regular season games and 100 playoff games under his belt.  That is fantastic experience to not only finish the season with, but also go on an extended playoff run.

And of course, Nonis will be happy about the fact that he did not give up a roster player, or one of his three key prospects (Bourdon, Schneider, or Grabner).

Smolinski isn’t known as a fighter, but grit like this is going to be great in the playoffs. 

The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “TRADE – Smolinski is a Canuck!”

  1. feartheseeds Says:

    This is a great grab for the nucks, he was always good in the playoffs and I was really hoping the Sens would get him back… But it looks like Ottawa’s sticking with what they’ve got and what they’ve got down the centre — Comrie, Fisher, Spezza, Vermette, Kelly — ain’t too bad. BTW: Don’t get too excitied, I think that was Smoke’s first fight in five years.

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