TRADE – Sopel back in Vancouver!

Nonis jumped the gun on deadline day and solidified his team at the two positions needing depth and help. 

While Sportsnet reported the Smolinski deal, then pulled it back, TSN is all over this one and reported both at once.

So, Dave Nonis went into the Canuck vault and pulled out a repeat number in Brent Sopel.  I haven’t known either Brian Burke or Dave Nonis to do reruns, but Nonis proved me wrong here.

Here’s how the deal breaks down:

To Vancouver – Brent Sopel (Defense), Salary $2,400,000, signed through 2006/07 and UFA eligible
To L.A. – 2nd round and 4th round draft pick in 2008

While I think the price on this deal is a bit high, Sopel is better than a 5th or 6th guy and will fill out the roster well.  It means the Canucks now have depth on defense.

Personally, I’ve always liked Sopel.  He’s one of the best in the league at keeping the puck in at the blueline.  I can’t wait to watch that magic again.

Nonis is likely done dealing.  The only way another deal happens is if he gets a guy signed for an additional year, or is still only eligible to become a RFA… Read Nathan Horton.

As for Sopel… here’s a hit he laid out on Dave Scatchard a few months ago.  I love the reference to Sopel as ‘The Bus’!

The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “TRADE – Sopel back in Vancouver!”

  1. tixxx Says:

    Hey Chief… as a Canuck fan, I’m pleasantly pleased with this move. Sopel is a solid d-man and, as we have seen before, he’s got a knack of getting the timely goals too. Smolinski doesn’t hurt fill the hole made by Kesler’s absence. Not much to have given up either… I gotta say, ‘well done’ Nonis !!

  2. joe leksell Says:

    welcome back to vancouver “brent sopel-man of style”!

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