Not the end of Marc Chouinard

Chouinard was brought to Vancouver to help the team in their attempt to focus on the defensive side of the rink.  While touted as a face off specialist, it was really his overall defensive game and work ethic that impressed Nonis into signing him.

And Chouinard figured he have finally proved himself as a regular NHLer and commanded himself a $1.1m deal per season from the Vancouver Canucks.

But Chouinard has had a tough time finding his place on the team.  Even as the team struggled to find it’s identity, Chouinard struggled to find a place to fit.  The Canucks overall struggle to score goals was accentuated with Chouinard who still has only 2 on the year. 

While he wasn’t brought in to score goals, he was expected to contribute and add some depth.  Something that would be needed as the team worked its way through the start of the season with a new coach and new systems.

So, as the Canucks added some needed depth at center, they felt it was time to end the Chouinard experiment. 

But that’s not the end of the story.  Chouinard still has a year left on his contract.  And you can expect him to come back fighting for a regular NHL job at next years training camp. 

He handled himself very well yesterday on the wake of the Smolinski deal and the news he’d been put on waivers.  One step at a time for him, and while he’s never been in this position before, he has had to fight for every inch earned in the NHL.

Maybe that’s what he forgot when he came to Vancouver… and maybe he’ll be reminded of it when he’s riding the bus in Manitoba for the rest of the season.

And maybe we’ll get a different player back for next year.

The Chief Canuck

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