Game File 63: Canucks 1 Blues 3

The Good


Wait, what happened?

The Bad

Not enough jump.  This game was pretty pathetic.  The team has no excuse tonight for their lethargic effort.  St. Louis had only 3 shots on net in the first period, yet came out of it with a 0-0 tie.

I don’t know that it gave St. Louis life, but the Canucks didn’t do anything to help themselves during the course of the game either.


Morrison completely missed his man on the first goal.  Sopes had  his guy, but ended up with a minus-1 on his first night back as a Canuck.

I love watching guys talk about plays on the bench after good and bad plays.  And when Weight got his break away, Mitchell and Bieksa were discussing just what happened there.  They were both on the right side of the ice, and Weight was sitting all alone on our blue line just waiting for a pass.

The Ugly

Only two goals in two games.  The team can have a pass on the Dallas game, I noticed that they were involved in another 2-1 OT win tonight.  But against St. Louis?  And after they had just traded away Guerin, Tkachuk, and Wideman.  And with only about 5,000 fans in the arena, you’d think that they would have no energy at all!

But they did, or at least Weight did.

Anyone have any idea how many goals have gone in off Willie Mitchell this year?  Luongo had no chance as he knew Weight was trying to make a pass, but Mitchell makes the perfect redirect through his legs.  Unbelieveable.

And yet again, the Canucks untimely undisciplined play left them short handed and a key time in the game.  And again, let in another power play goal.  They may still be first in the league in their penalty killing, but the loss of Kesler is starting to rear it’s ugly head.

Here’s hoping that Smolinski and Sopel find their groove pretty quick.  I liked how Vigneault called out Naslund as having a below average performance.  He put a bit of responsibility on Smolinski as well, but definitely felt that Naslund was the one that needed to pick up his socks a bit.

Couldn’t agree more, but I think it’ll come.

The Chief Canuck

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One Comment on “Game File 63: Canucks 1 Blues 3”

  1. canadiankiddo Says:

    I think Sopes and Smokes need a few practices with Vancouver before they get their jump with the team. I think Smolinski is a good linemate for Naslund but i’ll give them a few games before i make my final judgement. Good review.

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