Game File 64: Canucks 4 Coyotes 3

The Good

Other than Bulis, the team was much more disciplined tonight.  And for at least one period, they skated well and put some pressure on.  But not before they allowed Shane Doan to put the Coyotes up on them by a goal. 

You can’t win every game in perfect fashion.  Even the best teams lose games, or win games they shouldn’t have, or win games where they only played part of a game.  But they always win more than they lose.

And the Canucks continue to do that in remarkable fashion.  After scoring only 2 goals in their last 2 games, they broke out of their slump with 4 goals tonight.  2 on the powerplay, 1 short handed, and 1 at regular strength.

Cowan and Smolinski got their first points as a Canucks, while Sopel picked up his 126th point as a Canuck.  Welcome back Sopel.  Nice feed to Naslund too!!

Back to Cowan.  After Green only played 1:42 in the first period before being taken out (with an apparent knee strain that will keep him out 4-6 weeks), Cowan got all his ice time and played a season high 10:42 with the Canucks.  AND he got his first goal.  I don’t think that’s just coincidence.  Good teams always have enough depth that when a guy goes down, someone can step easily into their shoes and take their ice time.  And we saw that tonight.

The Bad

Morrison had an amazing opportunity and a great shot on goal, but Joseph of the post somehow kept it out.  What I really want to know is, how did the water bottle get knocked off the net, but the puck was kept out?  A flying water bottle usually means a pretty amazing shot that went in the net.  But not this time.

The Ugly

Luongo got beat by the glass tonight.  The bounce that happened off the glass on the Thomas goal is something never usually seen at GM Place.  I bet Luongo has some serious words for the guys that take care of the seam on the end doors there later.  It didn’t amount to much in this game, but imagine if it took a bounce like that in the playoffs. 

For the record, I like Craig MacEwan.  He does a great job covering the Canucks.  But I always get a kick out of him doing the highlights when Don Taylor is out of action.  Donny is such a natural, there is never that awkward silence in his commentary. 

Tonight, it reminded me of another guy trying to get into the business, Brian Collins.  I was expecting MacEwan to kick out a ‘boom goes the dynamite’ when he was calling the Naslund goal.  ‘Moments later…. Sopel to Naslund… {insert here} Boom Goes the Dynamite!’  Instead he ended it with and uncomfortable ‘he scores’.

But if you want to hear it anyways I’ve found it for your enjoyment.  He calls it out with about 1:20 left in the video.  Maybe I should have put this into the Good section, I always get a good laugh out of it.

I should say that doing sports highlights is a pretty tough job and watching MacEwan having to work so hard at that should make you realize how good it is to have an expert like Donny Taylor on hand for most nights.

The Chief Canuck

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