Game File 66: Canucks 5 Lightning 1

The Cowan

It’s all about Cowan these days.  Okay, it’s always about  Luongo, but Cowan has been incredible.  5 goals in three games!  I had a guy comment on the post I originally made about Cowan when he joined the team.  He felt strongly that if Cowan got a chance, and more ice time, he would be good for 12-15 goals.  I’d have to say that he was dead right.

I loved how on Bieksa’s goal, how Cowan drew the defensive players to him, which allowed Daniel to make a play over to Bieksa who also came streaking in to finish the play.

Naslund was kept of the scoresheet tonight.  But in the second period Naslund came streaking across the goal crease, protects the puck and tries to get it backhand.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t get he puck up and Holmqvist was able to make the save.

And before we forget.  Daniel got his 30th of the season.  And Henrik is only 7 assists from tieing Andre Boudrias Canuck record of 62.  Nice work for the twins.  Having Lecavalier here reminded me of the period when fans were clamouring for a trade of Henrik & Daniel for Vinny.  While Vinny has become a fantastic player, I think having two great players like Henrik and Daniel will work out just fine for the Canuck franchise.  Especially now that the goaltending situation has bee resolved.

The Bad

How did Cowan get two goals, create havoc in front of the net for the Bieksa goal, and still only finish the game with a third star.  He deserved better.

As fun as it was to see Bulis get a breakaway in the third period, the best part about that play was the fantastic pass from Markus Naslund.  He saw the play from deep in his own end, and thread the puck right to him.  Like I said, no points for Naslund, but he seemed to have some game tonight.

The Ugly

Did anyone else notice how long it took Jan Bulis to move over when Morrison went to join him in the penalty box?  How strange is that.  Move over Bulis.  Morrison is the current NHL iron man, and has played been a lot more successful in this league that you ever have or will be.  The least you can do is try and be a good team mate.

I felt bad for the Lightning tonight.  The reminded me of the Canucks a few years ago with the West Coast Express, and Cloutier in net.  They’d play awesome all night and get shoddy goaltending.  And then a goal like Smolinski’s would happen and to quote John Garrett, ‘it breaks the camel’s back’.  I’m glad we’re not in that position now.

Now, we are set to win a few rounds on Luongo’s back… And Cowan’s apparently.

The Chief Canuck

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4 Comments on “Game File 66: Canucks 5 Lightning 1”

  1. Johan Says:

    Easy…just because you don’t like Bulis, you don’t have to go out of your way to spread filth about him.

  2. Mike Says:

    Good point about Tampa looking like the WCE/Cloutier experiment. Then again, it was Feaster who committed half the cap money to those three forwards, so what kind of D and goalie can you expect after that?

    And, according to Forbes, he’s the best GM in the league. Go figure.

  3. Hosea C Says:

    There’s another high scoring red-head for the nucks. haha. The defense played an awesome game last night.

  4. Isabella Says:

    The Lightning were just sloppy last night. So many whiffed passes, uncapitalized chances, etc. But the Canucks (minus Naslund, whom I felt had a pretty bad game) did really well to take away their lanes and intercept passes. I think last night was 40% Tampa playing badly and 60% Vancouver playing well. Tampa really psyched themselves up for this game and I think that they entered already down about the odds being against them (no wins against Vancouver, ever, and Luongo being their Sanford).

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