Game File 67: Canucks 4 Coyotes 2

The Good

The Canucks put this game away early.  It’s nice to see them have the ability to actually put a team away like that.  Especially with no crowd there so support the team.  This is in sharp contrast to the game they played on trade deadline day in St. Louis.  They played a team that night in a similar situation as Phoenix, traded away some players.. out of the playoffs… and few fans in the stands.  But they were a different team tonight.

Cowan, again.  Enough said.

Sopel had a sweet play with the shot to Morrison who put it in.  I guess you could call that a slap pass, but it was a heads up play by Sopes to catch the Coyotes a bit out of position and put it right in the open spot for Morrison.

Naslund seemed to have a few brilliant flashes last game.  Although, some of you commented on how you thought he had a bad game, I still thought I saw some shining moments against Tampa Bay.  And tonight, he really had his mojo going.  I think a  classic Naslund move when scoring is when he drives to the net and has to step over the goalie because he has pulled him so far out of position.  He did that in his goal on Joseph tonight. 

Sami Salo had a shot early in the game that I could see but heard it hit the boards.  In reality, I never really see his shots, I just wait for it to hit the boards, or watch the net for movement.  The next time he shot it, the net moved. 

Salo is always at his best as a 3rd-4th defenseman.  I hope he realizes that and finds a way to stick with the team next year.

The Bad

It’s too bad for Joseph to be playing on such a bad team.  I really hope he’s able to get enough wins to move up to 4th all time in the NHL record book for wins this year.  He only needs five more I think.

Despite the 4 goals against him tonight, he really seemed to shake the cobwebs off as the game went on and gave his team a chance to get back in it.  Throwing the stick on Pyatt was completely intentional.  He didn’t play that many games in the NHL and not know what he was doing there.  He was doing what it took to give his team a chance.  Which is exactly what he did with the ensuing save on Daniel Sedin’s penalty shot.

I thought it was strange that Vigneault put out Daniel instead of Pyatt on the penalty shot, being that it was Pyatt that made the play.  But I also think it was a gutsy move.  I like it when coaches play their hunches, and for Vigneault, his hunches have often worked out well for the team this year.

The Ugly

When Naslund got rammed into the boards, it was great to see Mitchell step up immediately and settle the score quickly.  No lingering issues there.  But did you notice that this caused a great opportunity for Phoenix, who walked in on Sabourin and left him to make a big save?

Great to see Mitchell do it, and even better to see Sabourin back Mitchell up on the play.

Again later, Sabourin got knocked over and Mitchell reached around and punched the Phoenix player square in the head for his work on the goalie.  I guess someone has to step in now that Cowan’s the hottest scorer for the team.

Tomorrow should be interesting.  But Luongo should be hungry to get back into the game, and give the team a chance to put some distance between them and Calgary.

The Chief Canuck

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