Game File 72: Canucks 4 Red Wings 1

The Good

I am no longer MIA.  Sorry about being out of action for the last week.  And while I did get to two games this week (including tonight’s tilt), I have been less than inspired over the last few games.

But that’s not going to stop me from boldly making a prediction tonight. 

I was at a dinner party last Saturday and a long time Canuck fan asked me how I felt about this year’s team.  People that know me ask me about the team a lot.  But he didn’t ask me in that generic tone, he had a sparkle in his eye when he asked, like he knew a secret.

Normally, I am so even kieled as a fan that while I always enjoy the wins, I seldom get down when the team loses.  I always try to keep the bigger picture in mind.  But with this comes some guarding against becoming like a Maple Leaf fan that is delerious in their belief that their team can win the cup…every year.

But when I when I was asked this time, I let it out.  I really.   I mean, I really really believe that this team, this Canuck team that I’ve followed forever can win the Cup this year.

I don’t even know what could possibly stop them.  Imagine this.  Luongo, who has never before played in the playoffs, finally gets in and not only wins the Cup, but is also awarded the Conn Smythe.

We proved tonight that we are better than Detroit.  And as good as Nashville thinks they are, this team is simply a better team.  It should come as no surprise to see yet another Northwest division team in the Stanley Cup final.  It’s the toughest division in all of hockey.  Only this time, you should expect the Canucks to bring the cup home.

As for tonights game, you have to give Vigneault credit for playing the right guys.  How else do you account for Krajicek being a plus-4, and having a goal and assist on the night.  And Naslund sitting out two full power plays in the second period.

Neither Sedin had a goal tonight, but I thought they had a very strong game.  They caused Detroits defense so many problems all night long.  It was a thing of beauty.

Bobby Lou is the reason this team is where they are, and it’s the reason they’ll succeed in the playoffs.  His drive is unbelievable. 

The Bad

I thought that as good as  Cowan has been, he looked a bit out of place on the  Sedin line tonight.  It could explain why he played half as much as the Sedins did.

Like I said, Vigneault knows who’s playing good, and more importantly, who’s not.  He changes the ice time every game to fit that.

It’s why there is always a different hero every game.  All these guys are talented, but they all cant’ bring it at the same level every night.  Vigneault just seems to know when each guy is at his absolute best and puts them in a position to succeed. 

The Ugly

Brutal calls both ways tonight.  I especially didn’t like the goalie interference call on Cowan.  But I really have an issue with misconducts and instigator penalties being called in the last few weeks.  And I don’t just mean against the Canucks.  I thought the calls on Brewer were brutal.  As was the instigator on Bieksa last week.  Those types of calls are creating more problems than they solve.  They’re letting guys run around and act like idiots, then penalize the team trying to hold them accountable. 

Either the league needs to hold them accountable, or they need to let the players do it.  Either way will work.  Penalizing the team that wants to ensure that accountability takes place is absolutely wrong.

The Chief Canuck

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One Comment on “Game File 72: Canucks 4 Red Wings 1”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Don’t get too burnt out! We’ll need you at your best for the playoffs.

    I for one quite enjoy and appreciate your views on each game. Thanks!

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