Game File 74: Canucks 2 Predators 0

The Good

This was an interesting game.  Despite Nashville depleted lineup, they still iced one of the most potent forwards in the league with Forsberg.  Even he was kept to the outside for most of the night. 

The Canucks game plan is simple, let the other team take as many shots as they want from the outside.  Let them go crazy, Luongo can make that save all day long.  But tonight, Nashville didn’t go crazy and Luongo only had to make a few key saves to afford himself his 4th shutout of the season.

I think it’s nice that Nashville thinks their the bar that other teams are trying to test themselves against.  They aren’t the bar.  Every team in the Northwest Division is (yes, that would include the now cold Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers). 

As great as everyone seems to think GM David Poile is, remember this, he only got that job because Bettman got it for him.  I have no clue why he still has it other than the fact that he’s managed to keep the salaries so low in Nashville that the owner has raked excessive amounts of cash in since the start of the franchise.  But if you want to read a great piece on that, check out Tony Gallagher’s piece in the Province from game day.

But back to the Canucks.  Daniel managed 4 shots tonight, and Henrik four passes that led to 4 shots for Daniel, but no points for either player.  I thought I’d copy this small piece in from the NHL site about assist leaders, it’s not only fun to see a Canuck player there, but it reminds me of how close Henrik is to finally eliminating a 32 year old Canuck record. 

PIT 76

This is also the second game in a row that the team has one where they’ve scored less than 3 goals.  It’s amazing to see how many different ways this team can win.  And how so many different players step up to make it happen.

The Bad

Markus Naslund got his first point in seven games tonight.  I knew it had been a while, but admit to being a little shocked when that stat was thrown out. 

I feel bad for the guy though, he’s had so many wingers this season, and is now left with Bulay Bulay Bulis on his wing.  As for Smoke and all the hype on him gelling with Naslund, I just don’t see it.  Naslund would have scored a few goals if they did wouldn’t you think.

Watch for Vigneault to try some new combinations there in the coming games before the playoffs.

The Ugly

Bad calls and non-calls tonight both ways.  Enough said.

So Tommi Santala scores what turns out to be an insurance goal tonight in the first period and is reward with… wait for it… 4 more shifts in the entire game.  His total ice time – 4:53.  I don’t get it for all the talk about a coach that rewards players playing well.

Which brings me to Naslund.  Gallagher made a great comment about him on the pre-game show on 1040am.  Other than the last 7 games, Naslund was scoring at a point per game clip and was rewarded with…. BULIS on his line.  Career high 20 goal scorer.  And as Ray Ferraro pointed out, it’s called a career year for a reason.  It happens only once a career.

Yeesh.  Sorry that there is no reward for you Nazzy.

Maybe I’m being to hard on Bulis tonight.  After all, he decided not to skate past the net and took a shot on net.  It was a weak goal, but he’ll take anything right now.

No games until Sunday now, but it will be fun one with the Avalanche streaking into town.  It would be great to put an end to their supposed playoff push. 

The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “Game File 74: Canucks 2 Predators 0”

  1. Zanstorm Says:

    I know, it’s not really a reward to play Nazzy with Bulis. But then again, Bulis is probably the hardest skating and checking Canuck on most nights, and so Viggy is rewarding Jan for that more so than his points totals. Agree?

    I don’t want to see a Nazzy-Sedins reunion either!

    Nazzy-Cooke-Morrison maybe?

  2. Jordan Says:

    Nazzy was the best canucks player of all time , hands down.

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