Game File 75: Canucks 4 Avalanche 5 (SO)

The Good

We get to play these guys again in a couple nights.  I think it’s going to be hard for Colorado to keep up that kind of pace til the end of the season.  So we’ve got that going for us.

Aside from that, the first period was the beswt period for the Canucks tonight.  The Sedins were amazing with Pyatt tonight.  Hank breaks Boudrais 32 year old record tonight, and gets a standing O from the crowd.  That was a nice touch.  And Taylor Pyatt scores his 20th of the season for the first time in his career. 

Those are both great achievements for them individually.  And on their next couple shifts, that line looked extremely dangerous. 

Same with the Cowan Cooke and Morrison line.  They had a ton of early energy and came up with a big goal.

But then the team stopped skating. 

Here’s the best part of this game though.  The Canucks played good hockey for less than one period and still ended up taking it to a shoot out.  There is no way Canuck teams from the past few years would have faired as well.

The Bad

The Avalanche team, or rather, Joe Sakic was on a mission to get into the playoffs.  And they earned their 2 points.

The Canucks only mustered 4 shots in the last two periods.  And while they did end up with 3 shots in overtime, it wasn’t going to be enough to win.  You can pretty much blame almost every player on the team for that.  They just weren’t sharp.

The Ugly

Losing fights for the puck, no hussle down low, and no puck support lost the team this game.  They just weren’t sharp.

Willie Mitchell played almost 25 minutes tonight.  That’s great for his first game back, but you have to think that the team can’t wait to have Ohlund and Salo back in the line-up.  They’ve been missing two of their top D’s for a lot of games now and while it’s good for them to get a rest.  It would be nice to put Colorado in their proper place on Tuesday, and that’s out of a playoff position, to clinch a playoff spot, and to keep fighting for the division lead.

The Chief Canuck

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