Game File 77: Canucks 4 Kings 2

The Good

Records are breaking every game.  Tonight it was most for wins in a season with 47.  It’s amazing to see them do this.  We’ve had good teams in the last 15 years and it’s incredible to think that this is the best of them all. 

Next up is their record 104 points set in 2004-04.  They are at 101 right now with 5 games left.

Tonight’s game had some amazing plays by a lot of different players, but most notably the Sedins.  Backhand pass to backhand pass, to backhand shot by Pyatt was the most incredible one.  Before that was Daniel’s goal off a shot Krajicek took that hit the crossbar.  It bounced right out and Daniel plucked it out right out of the air for a goal.  He got cranked pretty hard on the play, but it was nice to see him in the dirty area in front of the net.

Bulis hip checked Jack Johnson something fierce.  All I could say to that was WOW!  I didn’t see that one coming.

Naslund got an assist tonight, but what was interesting was that before that play, he had taken a shot and tried to thread it right through to the goal.  It was pretty close, but missed the net, came back out and around to him, and he caught Pyatt down low who had pulled to the side in order to make a play. 

The best thing Sopel does as a defenseman is keep the puck in the offensive zone.  He’s simply amazing at it.  In the first period, he came across from the right side as the play shifted around, reached out, and kept it in.  It led to 2 quality scoring chances in the same sequence. 

The Bad

The first period was awful again.  And while they didn’t get a lot of shots on goal throughout the game, they definitely picked up their play in the second and third. 

The Ugly

Vigneault has been cutting his bench down to 9 forwards for a while now.  Anyways, tonight it was Cowan, Santala, & Linden that were cut back. 

That was until Burrows didn’t hustle enough and made a lazy play trying to dump the puck in so his linemates could get a change in.  Anyways, it led to a King goal and he sat the rest of the night. 

So Linden drew in the next shift, but apparently he wasn’t up to Vigneault’s standards, so Santala stepped in an played four more shifts that period. 

He’s got some grit in there, he just needs to use it more.

The Chief Canuck

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One Comment on “Game File 77: Canucks 4 Kings 2”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Yeah. I don’t like how AV benches 3 players in the 3rd period, unless those players were really bad defensively. I didn’t think Linden did poorly this game, so I don’t see why he should be benched… :/

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