Game File 78: Canucks 2 Flames 3

The Good

That was an awesome game.  I know they lost, but they’re not going to win them all. 

By the end of the night, the Canucks had almost double the Flames in shots on goal, 34-18.  They put on an amazing show all night, but their effort and push in the 3rd period was amazing. 

Both goals scored by the Canucks were made on dirty, gutsy, and determined plays.  Morrison got himself right in front of the net and was able to put the puck in the net off a quick backhand pass from Cooke.

The net goal was even more gutsy, and that’s not usually how you would describe a  Naslund goal.  But his drive to the net, jump, and crash into the side of the net was fantastic.  It turns out that Kiprusoff put the puck in his own net, but that’s what happens when you have guys jumping and flying at you.

And Naslund deserved it.  He was all over the place tonight.  He seemed more deterimined that I can ever remember him to make a play and get a goal. 

And that effort goes for the entire team.  Vigneault didn’t even bench anyone for the third period.  Everyone was playing with fire in their belly tonight.

It was the first game down the stretch here that felt like a playoff game.  I can’t wait.  And for the record, I would love to avenge Calgary in the first round this year.  So consider those points tonight help to them to move up to 6th place in the division so we can meet up.

Morrison got his 20th of the season tonight, leaving the Canucks with 4 20 goal scorers this season.  Here’s a crazy stat for you… in 2004 when the Canucks ended their season with 101 points (same as they’re stuck at now), they had only two 20 goals scorers.

The Bad

They lost.  But it was a good, fun game.

Actually, the bad part of this game was awaking the monster Iginla.  Isn’t the trick to keep him quiet all night?  And then Mitchell goes out and fights in him in the first couple minutes of the game?

That was a big mistake.

The Ugly

While none of the goals scored on the Canucks were Luongo’s fault, they were all very annoying.  Especially the short handed goal.

Krajicek tried to block the pass and let his man go.  That was a cardinal sin.  He supposed to stick with his man and let Luongo take the shot. 

But then again, if Ohlund and Salo were in the lineup, it’s likely Krajicek wouldn’t have been on the first power play unit anyways.

They’ll be back for the playoffs, so no worries.

The Chief Canuck

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