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SEMI FINALS 1: Canucks 1 Ducks 5

April 26, 2007

DELAYED POSTING.  I was completely uninspired after that game, but here’s the point. 

They have to throw that one out. 

They started well enough, and things looked good, but then the wheels fell off.

Having Bieksa and Salo out of this game had a big big effect.  When you look at those teams that make it to the finals, they usually are teams that have been relatively injury free. 



Round Two Prediction – At

April 25, 2007

Carriveau – Round Two

Wednesday April 25th 2007, 11:23 am
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The Canucks were 1-3-0 against the Ducks this year, with Dany Sabourin getting the only win against them. Here’s the summary of each of their matchups this year.

Game 17: Canucks 0 Ducks 6
Game 26: Canucks 1 Ducks 2
Game 60: Canucks 3 Ducks 2 (OT)
Game 69: Canucks 2 Stars 4

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Playoff Prediction – Round 2

April 24, 2007

Round 1 Results

I was correct on the following Series:
Detroit vs Calgary – Detroit in 7
Anaheim vs Minnesota – Anaheim in 5
Vancouver vs Dallas – Vancouver in 7
Nashville vs  San Jose – San Jose in 5
Buffalo vs NYI – Buffalo in 5
Atlanta vs NYR – NYR in 4

I was wrong on these two:
Ottawa vs Pittsburgh – Ottawa in 5
NJ vs Tampa Bay – NJ in 5


QTR FINALS 7: Canucks 4 Stars 1

April 23, 2007


The Canucks came through with their best effort of the series and dominated the last two periods of this game.  This series was close until the first empty netter tonight. 

So close.  Inches in fact.

How about Stu Barnes shot from the slot.  Bobby Lou saved it with his gear, not even his glove.  And then late in the third, Modano takes a shot that goes off the crossbar. 

And Linden’s tip barely snuck past Turco.  Remember Mitchell’s save off Ribeiro in Game 4?  A long time ago maybe, but inches from going in and the Canucks losing the game.  Here, inches gave them a goal and the series winning goal.



April 23, 2007

I’m not sure if it’s better I watch or don’t watch tonights game.  My heart may not be able to handle the intesity.

But after the no show on Saturday, I was finally able to think about it a little more reasonably.  The Canucks laid an egg.  Plain and simple, they didn’t show up.

That story sounds all to familiar to long-time Canuck fans. 


QTR FINALS 6: Canucks 0 Stars 2

April 21, 2007


Remember this save: 


Snoop Dogg

April 20, 2007

I can’t explain this, but I can tell you I love it.  Best part is when Snoop takes them to break… fo shizzle.

This was courtesy of Alanah over at Canucks & Beyond.  Great find!!

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