Game File 79: Canucks 4 Kings 2

The Good

Fighting back from 2 goals down is fantastic.  But really it should be expected against a young team like the Kings. 

Pyatt’s goal was the result of a new linemate for Bulis and Linden, with Pyatt being thrown out there.  But the goal was the result of the three of them each cycling the puck down low and Pyatt breaking the cycle, driving to the net, and redirecting a pass from Bulis into the net.  Hard work down low.  It’s how they need to score their goals.

Did you notice where Naslund was on the following Cooke goal?  Drove right in front of the net, right in the dirty spot.  He got a second assist, but there was no way he was going to let them leave that situation without a goal.

Actually, Markus had a great spinorama back handed shot after Pyatt’s goal in the second period.  It was an impressive rocket.  He’s been pushing really hard the last couple games and has got 2 goals in the last two game as a reward for that hard work.  I really hope the results continue to go his way.

And Cooke and Naslund almost did it again in the third period.  Cooke was all alone out front and got stopped by Garon, but Naslund was right there again, jumping into the puck and trying to jam it in. 

Daniel is another guy that seems to find himself in front of the net a lot these days.  On more than one occasion, I saw him making plays in front of the net, and driving there with the puck.  I think he’s playing better now that he has all season.  Same goes for Henrik, he seems to be drawing guys in even, creating even more space for his linemates.

I liked how Assistant Coach Mike Kelly mentioned that they guys were playing hard, and that Vigneault recognized that.  He made changes, but if the team knows it’s not because their not playing hard, but simply because it’s not working, then he’s going to always get a better reaction out of the players.  And it really did tonight.  Three unanswered goals in the second was the result of quick line adjustments by the Coach.

The Bad

It’s hard to find anything bad tonight, but if there was one thing, it was that I only realized tonight that the Canucks have two assistant and two associate coaches.  Plus a goalie and head coach.  That’s a lot of coaches for one team. 

Who is Mike Kelly anyways?  I’ll have to do some digging now. 

I think the funniest part of Daniel’s disallowed goal was when Jim Hughson said that he wouldn’t want to have to explain that one to Marc Crawford. 

Very true.

About the game.  Both goals were poor.  On the first one, Mitchell was trying to get back into position and hadn’t quite had a chance to figure out where everyone is on the ice.  We’ll blame the coaching staff for sending him back out when he was trying to get a change in. 

On the second one, it was Luongo cheating a bit off the post and Brown snuck it in.  I think it’s almost funny that it happened.  I bet that Luongo sharpens himself up quite a bit down the stretch after having let that softy in.

The Ugly

I’m going to lament this fact only one more time.  Kopitar could have belonged to the Canucks.  Maybe should have.  That kid is not only talented, but surprisingly strong too.  That’s a super combo and he’s going to be a problem in the seasons to come. 

With only three games left, I know that I’m ready for playoff action. 

The Chief Canuck

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