Here’s the summary of each of their matchups this year. 

Game File 10: Canucks 1 Stars 2
Game File 16: Canucks 2 Stars 1
Game File 41: Canucks 2 Stars 1 (SO)
Game File 62: Canucks 1 Stars 2 (OT)

I’ve written up an analysis and prediction on the Fan Blog at Canucks.com.   Read that first, then come back here for some more key info.

I think that despite the fact they were 1-1 in their first two games, they don’t amount to much when trying to figure out the result of this playoff round. 


Because those two games occurred before the Canucks figured out who they were.  Dallas has been clicking along at the same level of play for the past three years.

The Canucks coaching staff can watch tape from the last three years of playoffs and regular seasons too see what Dallas is going to throw at them.  Patience is going to be key though, no matter what the Canucks do.  Dallas has been patient for almost four years now… they’ve got that part covered.

Get to know the Dallas Stars
Top Scorer – Mike Ribeiro – 59 Points
Top Goal Scorer: Jere Lehtinen – 26 Goals
Top Defenseman: Sergei Zubov – 53 Points

Interesting Stat: Only two players played in every game for the Stars this year, Stu Barnes and Jussi Jokinen.

Impressive Stat: There are a lot of players with Stanley Cup rings in Dallas. 

Lost in Dallas: Nolan Baumgarnter was picked up by Dallas from Philadelphia just before the deadline this year.  He’s only played one game since going to that organization.  And Eric Lindros is down in big D too.  He’s played 39 goals and has 5 goals. 

The Chief Canuck

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