Playoff Predictions

I’ll do some playoff predictions for each of the series, but I thought I’d give you something to read in the meantime.  Here’s picks from some writers and bloggers of the NHL:

AL STRACHAN (BRIAN BURKES NEMESIS) – He took the Canucks.  I guess he’s on the Canuck Band Wagon now that Burkie’s gone.  He also took Minny against the Ducks.  Go figure.

SPECTOR (LYLE RICHARDSON, PRINCE OF PUCKS) – Spector took the Canucks in 6.

JOHN KREISER (NHL.COM COLUMNIST) – No prediction, takes the easy out by giving you x-factors and crystal ball instead. 

SCOTT BURNSIDE (ESPN.COM, YES THEY STILL COVER THE NHL) – He’s the first guy I found to pick Dallas, but in 7 games.

RAY FERRARO (NBC SPORTS, WHERE HE HOSTS WEEKEND GAMES WITH BRETT HULL) – I can’t believe he picked Dallas.  I’m in shock.  6 of the 8 that gave their predictions here still took the Canucks.

And of course Kelly Hrudey picked the Canucks last Saturday on After Hours.

The Chief Canuck

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