Of the last 10 postseasons of play, 7 out of 17 times the 6th seed has defeated the 3rd seed.  That’s still better than 50%, but it’s not great.

RECORD OF No.6 SEEDS VS. No.3 SINCE 1994: 7-17

  • In 1995, No.6 Vancouver defeated No.3 St. Louis in seven games.
  • In 1998, No.6 Buffalo defeated No.3 Philadelphia in five games.
  • In 1999, No.6 Boston defeated No.3 Carolina in six games.
  • In 2001, No.6 Pittsburgh defeated No.3 Washington in six games.
  • In 2003, No.6 Minnesota defeated No.3 Colorado in seven games.
  • In 2004, No.6 Calgary defeated No.3 Vancouver in seven games.
  • In 2006, No.6 Anaheim defeated No.3 Calgary in seven games.

You can check out some other upset statistics at

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