Another reason why Dallas is going to lose this series.  They’re not really a playoff team.  As much as it pains me, Colorado is actually more worthy of a playoff position than Dallas. 

And I picked both of them to miss the playoffs this year.  The only reason Dallas made it is because they played 16 games against the L.A. Kings and Phoenix Coyotes.

16 GAMES!  They went 15-1 against them in those 16 games, accounting for 30 points on the season from just two teams.

Sure they also had to play San Jose & Anaheim a bunch of times to, but the Canucks surely didn’t have an easy time of it in the Northwest Division.  There was a time in the NW that all 5 teams were within 2 points of each other.  And it wasn’t until the last month of the regular season that Edmonton really fell out of it.

If you assumed Dallas is an average team, they would have won only half those games against those two teams, meaning, they would have received only 16 points instead of 30.  Take their season total of 105 and subtract the 14 you end up with a very mediocre 91 points.

That’s because they are a mediocre team within an average division.  Call the Canucks average if you want, but they won the toughest division in all of hockey are are ready for playoff action.

This series will not be as close as some think.  The Canucks are ready for playoff action.  They were getting ready while Dallas was barely eaking out wins againts LA and Phoenix.

(PS, this is not saying the Canucks will win game 1, just that they’ll win the series).

The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “PLAYOFF READY”

  1. Joerg Says:

    5:4, Good morning from Germany.
    Stay the whole night before the tv, so proud now! What a big game.
    Good for me, I have have vacation this and next week.
    But, I need more, it`s a long way to the Stanley Cup Finals! 🙂

    Rocket up, Joerg

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