QTR FINALS 1: Canucks 5 Stars 4 (OT4)

I still don’t have my voice back and it’s Friday morning of game 2.  I was at Game 1 and it was amazing to say the least.

It’s funny to hear peoples responses and reactions to the game.  Here’s my take on some of the reactions out there over the past two days.

The Game Was too Long – No it wasn’t, it was legendary.  You couldn’t have asked to have been part of something as special as that.  It will be talked about for decades to come.  And I was there for every minute of it.

Dallas Deserved to Win – No they didn’t, the Canucks scored more goals and deserved to win.  There is a thought that Dallas was a better team throughout the entire game.  That’s simply not true.  Dallas was better in the 3rd and 5th periods and out shot in both of them.  The Canucks dominated the 6th and 7th periods and won because of it.  They were even in the other periods. 

Both Teams Sat Back in O/T – THEY WERE TIRED!  It wasn’t a matter of sitting back and waiting for a giveaway.  They had no energy left.  Linden said it best… they could skate for about 15 seconds and that was it.  Even with a short 30 second shift, they had nothing in the tank to drive it to the net after 15 seconds.  Nothing.  I was tired all I did was sit in my seat for 6 hours.  Trained professional athlete or not, that had to be grueling for them.

I Can’t Believe People Left – Of course people left, it was Wednesday night and not everyone that goes to games is a die hard fan.  They also have jobs and families and responsibilities and can’t spend all of their waking hours focused on hockey.  I stayed, but I LOVE HOCKEY.  And I live downtown so the walk home was quick.  It also supports another theory that I have which is that Vancouver Fans are very very fickle.  Very fickle.  There is simply no pleasing them sometimes.  Still, they paid for their tickets and can choose to leave when they want.  Unfortunately for them, they can’t say they were there when Henrik scored that goal in the fourth O/T.  Plus that, over 85% of the people stayed, try focusing on that.


In the next game you watch, check out Sergei Zubov before the puck drops.  He has this whole little funky chicken routine he does.  Probably just to loosen himself up, but it’s pretty funny.  I was in the 6th row outside the faceoff circle and got to see it up close quite a few times.  Very entertaining stuff.

Potential New Canuck Commercial:  SEDIN – Built Playoff Tough

On Leaving the Game:  The announcer said, ‘We’ll see you tomorrow night for Game 2′.  Admittedly, I didn’t get it, but it was 12:45am, so it was really Thursday already. 

Sometimes being at a game leaves you out of the loop.  I had no idea Matt Cooke wasnt’ playing until the 1st overtime period.  When Burrows got hit, I was very agitated and yelling at the refs.  Needless to say, I watched the bench closely (didn’t watch the game) for the next 5 minutes while they attended to him and then took him to the room.  I started checking line combos again to see how Vigneault would adjust and realised Cookie was out. 

As nice that that big new scoreboard is, I still find myself wanting more information and updates while I’m at the games.  At home, I have my laptop beside me and keep track of all sorts of stuff on-line.  And you just don’t get that information at the game.

Mind you, in reading Yankee Mike’s blog, he didn’t even know that Cooke was out at all on the Versus feed.  He eventually tuned into 1040, but that’ couldn’t have been fun to watch with the TV having a couple second delay.

I didn’t realize that the Dallas defense was so small.  They are a great bunch of D-men, but with their small size and offensive nature, the Canucks should be able to wear them down.  Especially now that this is an 8 game series. 

Turco drives me nuts with his ability to play the puck.  Still, the Canucks scored 5 goals on him and the Sedins managed 2 themselves.  I think they have him figured out well enough to score a few more.

Canucks Fans love taunting goalies.  My favourite memory of Hasek playing in Vancouver was when he was with Buffalo.  And at the end of the US National Anthem while it was all quite, someone yelled out ‘HASEK SUCKS’.  Everyone in GM Place went nuts and went on to score about 6 goals on him that night.  In this epic long game, there was plenty of taunting Marty Turco.  Canucks Fangirl posted a feed from the Team 1040’s radio broadcast and you can hear the place going crazy yelling out TURCO SUCKS! 

The Chief Canuck

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  1. Hannah Says:

    I’m still a bit angry that I had to leave early. X( asdjhfasd fhahdois fasd

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