QTR FINALS 2: Canucks 0 Stars 2

This is going to be a long series.  It’s so close.  The teams are so comparable and the analogy of a chess match fits perfectly.  It’s no surprise people keep using it. 

It’s really going to come down to execution of the plan, and adjustments in each game.  After the loss, the Canucks will make minor adjustments that will have an impact on their ability to get to Turco a bit.  Dallas will go into game 3 with the same game plan because it worked.  And so on and so forth until we get to game seven.

Which brings me to the coaches.  I think if you were going to put blame somewhere for game 2, it has to be with the coaching and management staff.  Their approach to dealing with the players after the 7 period game 1 was the complete opposite of Dallas team.

And it showed.  Dallas had their legs early and maintained most of the pressure in the first period.  The second period was pretty even (and boring), but the third was dominated in dramatic fashion by the Canucks.  It really took them that long to get their legs going.  The problem was that by then, they had spotted Dallas a 2 goal lead that they just weren’t going to let go of. 

Back to the coaching staff.  The Canuck coaches messed this one up.  When your entire team is lethargic like they were, there’s a problem that has nothing to do with motivation.  But let’s hope that’s a lesson learned and that they do a better job managing their energy going forward. 

I don’t think that Dallas deserved to win as some have been saying.  The games are going to be close and the bounces are going to go each way.  We could be winning one losing one for the entire series.  But that’s okay because it will still end in 4 wins for the Canucks.

Still, it’s annoying to lose the home ice advantage.  The series is now even and it’s a best of 5 series now with potentially 3 games left to be played in Dallas and only two more in Vancouver.

Nobody thought we’d take it in 4 straight, the teams are two evenly matched.  But Vigneault needs to get his team back in order and make the right adjustments to their play to get them some goals.

Here are some of the things I miss from the Canucks game plan:

Sami Salo’s Booming Shot – Where has it been?  Even on the PP it’s been absent.  Sami, even if you can’t get it to the net, wind up and nail someone on Dallas that has the nerve to block it.  It’s a long series and they’ll stop doing that eventually cuz its’ gonna hurt.
A Forecheck – It’s completely disappeared with Turco moving the puck.
A Timely Hero – Since the new year, different players have stepped up to fill out the secondary scoring.  They’ve all but disappeared.  We need someone else to come up with a goal.

The Chief Canuck

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