QTR FINALS 3: Canucks 2 Stars 1 (OT)

I think all the rest of this series is going to continue to be this close.  I know that a lot of people were saying that they liked this first round match-up against the starts.  I have no idea why, they match up so evenly, how can that be good.

The only good thing is that if we make it through this series (we only need to win 2 of the remaining 4 games), it’s unlikely there is another team out there that will give us as much trouble as Dallas is right now.

Why do I say that?  Because we make all the needed adjustments and rely on the best goaltender in the league right now.

The start to this game was painfully slow.  They weren’t outplayed exactly, but they didn’t control the flow either.  And I guess that’s the thing, as a fan, we want them to dominate.  They just didn’t start to do that until the third period and continued it into overtime.

Of course none of that could have happened without some key saves at opportune times by Luongo. 

As for Luongo, he is really one of the most honest goaltenders I know.  There are no games when he’s playing.  If he’s showing that he’s in pain, then he’s really in pain.  If his helmet goes flying off, it means he got clocked.  I hope that the refs realize this soon becuase he’s taking some serious abuse and it’s still early.

I thought he hyper extended his elbow on the one play tonight.  But he’s tough, and it doesn’t surprise me to see him battle through that.  I though he wasn’t quite ready to resume play when they first got going after that, but didn’t see anything after it to tell me he had any lingering issues with it.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t flair up after the game.

I know some people will try comparing Linden’s hit to Colby Armstrongs.  But that’s only because they don’t have a clue about hockey.  BOTH HITS WERE GOOD HITS.

However, if you want to take headshots out of the game, then look at those hits as ones you want to prevent.  How bad would it be to have to give Linden a penalty on a play where Sydor had his head down at Linden’s waist.  How does he not get hit in the head?

Anyways, no penalty was called because it wasn’t an infraction.  End of story.

Turco needs help.  He’s a decent goalie, but seriously, if he’s ever going to win a game in O/T, his teammates need to score him a goal once in a while. 

Then again, tonight’s O/T goal was a bit weak (not to discredit Linden/Smolinski/Pyatt’s effort). 

Surprisingly, the ice tonight didn’t play that much into the quality of chances.  There were only a few plays that I saw when the puck took a crazy bounce and caused a issue either way. 

The Canucks have played great on the road all season, and despite giving up a power play goal tonight, they are in great shape to bring home 2 wins from Texas.

The Chief Canuck

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3 Comments on “QTR FINALS 3: Canucks 2 Stars 1 (OT)”

  1. Mike Says:

    I think the Stars were a good matchup by process of elimination. The Sharks looked like they were going to send 2 or 3 guys to the infirmary in our last game against them. A best of seven series would’ve put out a lot of Canucks. The Ducks have Neidermeyer/Pronger and a bIg front end. That’s not our strong suit. The Flames are getting whipped, but I guarantee you they’d be close against Van. That’s the just relationship between the teams. The Wild are one of Vancouver’s long time nemesises (sp?) who have a lot of confidence against Van. I think the Preds would’ve been a good matchup, but of course that just wasn’t in the cards. Ditto for Detroit.

    Which of these points do you dispute?

  2. We had 3 guys knocked out of the series in game 1, I’m not sure the Sharks could have done more damage than that to us.

    We match up well against both teams. Although the Ducks worry me know with their complete dismantling of Minnesota. I though that series would go at least 6 games and it looks like the Ducks will be done in 4!

    The only other team I didn’t really want to play was Minnesota. I can’t stand them and no matter what, they cause us trouble. Our path to the final is a bit easier with them out.

  3. Mike Says:

    True, we did lose three guys playing Dallas, but 2 of them were pretty flukey: Kesler’s finger and Cooke’s leg/groin weren’t really due to Dallas’ physical play. I think you could argue that if those two were destined to happen, then we could be in even *worse* shape if the Sharks were banging us around all night.

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