Bottled Beer

Seriously, how does a venue allow the serving of beer in a bottle?  You know that’s a disaster waiting to happen. 


And then explain to me how Christie Brinkley ends up in the nosebleed section.  It couldn’t be that hard for her to get decents seats in Nasaeu Coliseum could it?


Updated 07/04/17 10:15am: Apparently I was wrong.  She actually sat in Charles Wang’s seats beside Dipietro at the glass.


The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “Bottled Beer”

  1. mattgunn Says:

    Wow, selling bottled beer at a hockey game is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen.

    Unless of course, someone snuck it in.

  2. If they were able to sneak it in, then shame on the security there as well!! And the attendants in the stands that didn’t see the guy drinking it!

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