QTR FINALS 4: Canucks 2 Stars 1

In a post game interview, Turco said that he felt that the Stars could play a lot better.  I disagree Turco.  Your team is playing like they always have.  And it’s all you’ve got.

After Linden’s goal, I got a text from a buddy that recently moved to Calgary.  He said ‘Linden – gotta love the cat from Medicine Hat’.  I actually think that Linden deserved an assist on the same play he got the goal.  He absolutely nailed a Dallas player  into the end boards creating a turnover, and then came out front to get a rebound, beating a check and getting the puck past Turco.  Awesome, awesome stuff.


Alain Vigneault was up to his old trick again and playing his hunches.  Linden played a total of 17:03 tonight, more than any Swedish Canuck not named Ohlund… wait, Henrik played 19 minutes and Daniel only 16?

Difference in their playing time was 5 on 5 to?  Interestingly enough, on the Linden goal, Sedin was out there, but I think he changed on early and Daniel just didn’t make it out yet.  It seems that Daniel did miss a couple shifts early in the second period (although I’m not sure why), Henrik was also hitting the ice earlier on their shifts than Daniel. 

Anyways, this has been an annoying series and I can’t wait to get to another team where we’ll see a bit more scoring.  The Canucks scored at a clip of 3 goals per game since the new year, and they’ve averaged only 2 per game in this series with Dallas.  Still, it’s more than Dallas has been scoring and that’s all that matters. 

Canucks total Goals: 5,0,2,2 = 9
Stars total Goals: 4,2,1,1 = 8

It’s been, and will continue to be, a game of inches.

Despite their only being a total difference of one goal in the series, Luongo is in their heads. 

 Best stat of the night has to be Modano’s 24 minutes of ice time and zero shots on net.  All the talk in the last two days was about their top players providing some offense.  Nice work guys.

My guess is that the fall guy for this will be Tippett.  Turco is a good goalie, and the team has some assets, including an amazing defense.  But how else do you explain their inability to adapt to the situation?

He’s a good coach, but it’s clear after 3 first round exits that the formula isn’t going to work. 

On the other side, adapting is exactly what Vigneault has excelled at!  Yup, Tip will be gone.

Best play of the night had to be Mitchell’s goal line save.  The Dallas Game Blogger had to explain to Dallas fans that the puck had to be completely over the line to count.  Mitchell gave the credit to his 63″ stick, figuring that if it was a bit shorter he made not have got their in time.  He put everything he had into getting there, throwing not just his stick at it, but his body behind it as well to get it out.  I couldn’t figure out how the net went of the moorings until I saw the replay and realized that it was Mitchell that threw himself into it.


Best quote of the night goes to Don Taylor when explaining how Nagy got crunched into the end boards says ‘I think he hurt his Ladislav’!  You have to love that stuff.

One more thing to note is that Turco got beat on two plays tonight where he couldn’t get acros to make a save.  He’s not too quick with that.  It’s the one thing in his toolbox that’s not all star quality.  And it’s the one thing that allowed us to get two goals on them tonight.

I am sick of Luongo getting run at.  I know that Vigneault doesn’t want the team responding, but at some point, someone has to do something.


Next up Thursday night at the garage.  It’ll be nice to get back to a regular time for a hockey game.

Updated 07/04/18 – Mitchell credited the poor ice for the puck not being able to get over the line and he was able to steer it away.  I find it comforting to see Dallas lose one because of their slushy home ice conditions!

The Chief Canuck

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3 Comments on “QTR FINALS 4: Canucks 2 Stars 1”

  1. Zanstorm Says:

    I don’t know. That puck was going to go in for sure. It was B-lining! Thank god Mitchell had good timing.

  2. I think all Mitchell meant was that the snowy ice slowed the puck down long enough for him to get to it.

  3. joe leksell Says:

    love your work chief!
    i’m stuck over in sweden paranoid with the best of them just hoping for the best although this season win or lose has been one to remember ..the team!has just been outstanding and if there is any justice left in the world of sports i would like to see trevor leading us to the promised land….

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