QTR FINALS 5: Canucks 0 Stars 1 (OT)

For as important a game that was for the Dallas Stars, they did NOT play desperate hockey.  And they definitely did not deserve to win the game.  Someone at the game mentioned that it actually looked like Dallas wanted a new coach.  And losing this game would get that for them. 

Just lose the next one guys, and you’ll get your wish.

But this series is so close, it should be no surprise we need to got a game 6 on Saturday.  Let’s hope it ends right there.

I still wish we could take advantage of Turco being out of the net, and get a good goal on one of his mistakes playing the puck.  This photo is one of the closer moments we’ve had on him in the series.


Most Exciting Game Moment: Would it not have been classic for Turco and the Dallas Stars to lose this game on a delayed penalty with Marty Turco sitting at the bench.  I bet their hearts were skipping beats watching that puck slide down the ice.

Stat of the Series: Both teams have scored exactly 9 goals in 5 games.  That’s an average of 1.80 per game, well below their season averages. 

I’ll repeat my prediction from before the series started:  Canucks in 6. 

I stand by that prediction.  The Canucks are just that much better despite the two shutouts of Marty Turco. 

The Good Thing about Playing Game 6: It’s on Saturday night.  And there’s nothing I love more than watching the Canucks play on Hockey Night in Canada on HD.

The Annoying Part about Playing Game 6: It looks like the way things are going, this may be the only round Canucks have home ice advantage.  It means less opportunity to win out a series at home.  That would have been nice for the fans.

Most Interesting Thing about Watching a Game beside Someone that works for Orca Bay:  They call every player by their first name.  ‘Come on Markus’. ‘Go Taylor’.  ‘That’s it Henrik’. 

So, GO BOBBY LOU (it’s what she called him!!)


The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “QTR FINALS 5: Canucks 0 Stars 1 (OT)”

  1. Zanstorm Says:

    Steve Ott said that he puked on the bench when they almost scored on themselves.

  2. Fitting reaction for that little puke!!

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