QTR FINALS 6: Canucks 0 Stars 2


Remember this save: 


That was good.

But that was about it.


Everything was bad.  The entire team should be embarrassed by that disgusting performance tonight.  I was embarrased to be a fan. 

I try to keep an even keel as a fan in a city that loves to ride the waves up and down with this teams every win and loss.  But that was officially the lowest point of this season.

What I don’t get is how is the guy nicknamed Taylor ‘Quiet’ leading the team in playoff scoring, and showing the effects of the playoffs with the bruises and stitches already.  Everyone else seems unscathed.

Tonight, the following forwards got more minutes than Daniel, Henrik, or Markus: Bulis, Smolinski, Morrison, and get this… Linden.  Yes, the same Linden that was playing an average of 8 minutes per game early in the season, played more than any of the top scorers on the team in the regular season.

When the vilified Janny B gets 3 minutes more ice time than a Sedin, you know Vigneault is sending a message.


Alain Vigneault called out his leaders today.  I think that included Ohlund for his play up the middle that led to the second goal.  In his defense, I think he was just trying to do something other than bouncing off the glass (as Don Cherry suggested) because that wasn’t going to lead to a scoring chance in any situation.

But the worst is that in the 3 games the Canucks have lost in this series, they have failed to even score one goal.  NOT ONE IN THOSE THREE GAMES!  That is absolutely unbelievable.  One shutout in a series this close may be understandable, but THREE?!!!

This series has been so close, any game could have gone any way.  Except Game 6.  Game 6 was all Dallas.

Two more things.

Mike Riberiero should be suspended for his late hit on Krajicek.  Janssen got three games for his hit on Kaberle earlier this season.  The league usually looks at playoff games as counting double, so I say 1 game is fine.  Plus, it keeps him out of game 7 and won’t affect him next year if they lose that game.  It’s fair.

Nothing would not be fair.

Same goes for the Dallas captain Morrow.  Got slashed and then attacked Burrows at the Bench?  Game set match for him I say.  How is that any better than jumping off the bench to attack a guy on the ice.  That’s an automatic 10 game suspension.  I say give Morrow at least 5 for that.  And all is fair in love and war, Cowan should get one as well.  But he did what he had to there.



I watched the Calgary Detroit game earlier in the day and that was great hockey.  This series is a total snooze fest.  Calgary and Detroit are having great battles.  Every game has been won by the home team, and every game has had really great energy. 


That hit shows the energy and what is missing from the Canucks game plan.  Cooke would be a nice addition right about now, wouldn’t he.

Updated 11:20pm – Bob Mckenzie just said on TSN that Burrows should/would get a suspension for his slash on Morrow IF Morrow wasn’t able to play game 7.  I say that’s garbage.  The only slashes that have EVER resulted in suspension (to my knowledge) are the ones that are to the neck and up.  May, McSorley, & Simon come to mind.

The Chief Canuck

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3 Comments on “QTR FINALS 6: Canucks 0 Stars 2”

  1. Hannah Says:

    I thought those 4/5 forwards were given more minutes (at least compared to Nazzy) cause they PK… Linden had like 3:45 minutes on PK, Mo 2 mins, Janny B 4:58, Smoke 3:11. That and there was a time in the 3rd period when Naslund couldn’t get on the ice for his regular shifts cause he had to fix his skate and it was taking long.

  2. Dan Says:

    Burrows would and should have been suspended if Morrow was seriously hurt on that slash, and he would completely deserve it. That was a cheap shot if I ever saw one, and doesn’t belong in the game.

  3. Swetlishoff Says:

    First game of the year where I actually turned it off with 4 minutes to go in the 3rd, it wasn’t even worth my time watching. Game 5 was a different story, the Nucks matched play the whole game and you knew all it was going to take was one flukey bounce to win by either side (unfortunatley it was Dallas). But game 6 was all Dallas, and you cannot say the Nucks didn’t have any chances, there was PP’s in their favour and they look like a midget “A” team out there while doing it.

    I think the first period of game 7 will tell the outcome of the series, whoever comes out on fire will win it. We really need to have Dallas chasing in order for them to open up their game.

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