QTR FINALS 7: Canucks 4 Stars 1


The Canucks came through with their best effort of the series and dominated the last two periods of this game.  This series was close until the first empty netter tonight. 

So close.  Inches in fact.

How about Stu Barnes shot from the slot.  Bobby Lou saved it with his gear, not even his glove.  And then late in the third, Modano takes a shot that goes off the crossbar. 

And Linden’s tip barely snuck past Turco.  Remember Mitchell’s save off Ribeiro in Game 4?  A long time ago maybe, but inches from going in and the Canucks losing the game.  Here, inches gave them a goal and the series winning goal.

But that’s the Cat from Medicine had and we know that he is clutch!


I know that the Lundqvist penalty was phantom, but when a team is skating, the ref is going to give them the benefit of the doubt and that’s what happened on that play.

It came down to hard work tonight, and the Sedins found a way to fight through the hard Dallas checking and spent a lot more time tonight in front of the net.  Daniel had 5 shots in the second period alone.  They meant business and were rewarded for it.


And Dallas made mistakes.  Or at least one.  Henrik was left completely alone out in front of Turco on a powerplay and Hank didn’t waste anytime getting his shot off.  A thing of beauty.

Point is that the Canucks are the better team. 

They only had to score 13 goals to win this series.  Thirteen. 

Despite being shutout three times, the Canucks won every goal they scored a goal in.  I have no sympathy for anyone on the Dallas Stars.  They’ll get a new coach, and maybe even a new GM this year, so don’t expect anymore of the same from big D.  Their 4 years of early exits from the playoffs have guaranteed that.

Being that there was only one game in the NHL tonight, the NHL’s three stars had to come from this game.  And tonight, all three went to the Game 7 winning Vancouver Canucks.

Goals Assists Points
Trevor Linden scored the go-ahead goal on a power play seven minutes into the third period to lift the Vancouver Canucks to a 4-1 Game 7 win over the Dallas Stars.
Goals Assists Points
Henrik Sedin had a goal and an assist to help the Vancouver Canucks advance to the second round of the NHL playoffs with a 4-1 Game 7 win over the Dallas Stars.
Saves G Allowed Save %
Roberto Luongo made 19 stops and the Canucks are now moving on to face Anaheim in the second round after Vancouver defeated the Dallas Stars 4-1 in Game 7.

But forget about that, nothing was better than seeing this shot of Markus telling Morrow to go stuff himself.  Well, I’m assuming that’s what he said to him.



The Chief Canuck

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3 Comments on “QTR FINALS 7: Canucks 4 Stars 1”

  1. Dan Says:

    Vancouver won this game because Zubov was out. Outside of Turco, he’s been their top player. If the nucks had so much trouble with him, how are they going to handle Pronger and Neidermeyer???

    Here’s hoping they can…

  2. Hey Mr. Half Glass Empty Dan. Realize that the Canucks stepped up their game tonight. With Zubov in the lineup or not, the Canucks compltely outplayed the Stars in the second and third.

    Pronger & Neidermeyer are great D’s, but Anaheim plays a totally different style of hockey. They’re going to hate us and come out hitting us hard.

  3. Swetlishoff Says:

    I am more concerned how physical this next series is going to be, injuries could become critical if Anaheim plays the game they are well known for. On the plus side Anaheim was the most penalized team in the NHL during the regular season (almost 18 minutes per game), if somehow we can find a way to capitalize on that we have a good chance.

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