Playoff Prediction – Round 2

Round 1 Results

I was correct on the following Series:
Detroit vs Calgary – Detroit in 7
Anaheim vs Minnesota – Anaheim in 5
Vancouver vs Dallas – Vancouver in 7
Nashville vs  San Jose – San Jose in 5
Buffalo vs NYI – Buffalo in 5
Atlanta vs NYR – NYR in 4

I was wrong on these two:
Ottawa vs Pittsburgh – Ottawa in 5
NJ vs Tampa Bay – NJ in 5

So I’m running 6-2 now.  Not bad.  I should have had the Ottawa series as well, but I decided to go with one clear underdog and that was it.  I still think that Tampa could have and should have beat New Jersey.  Their luck is just about done.

Round 2

Detroit vs San Jose
San Jose steamrolled their first round opponent, and Detroit looked dominant.. at times… in their first round series as well.  This should be a high energy, big hitting, big action series.  This is probably the only series in the second round that is close to a pick ’em.  San Jose in 7.  Holmstrom’s out for Detroit and that will have a big effect on Detroits ability to create some trouble for the Sharks.

Anaheim vs Vancouver
The consensus is that Anaheim is the bigger badder more talented team.  The other feeling is that Vancouver can’t score after only being able to put the puck in the net 13 times in the first round.  Dobber Hockey has a poll on how many goals the Canucks will score in round 2 and they are guessing only 11. 
But here’s the point.  The Ducks have two great defenseman, but not a great defensive system.  System beats D-man every day.  The Canucks will score goals again.  No worries there.
And the Sedins won’t be scared of the Ducks attempts at intimidation.  They don’t blink when they get hit, and they aren’t going to start now.  Anaheim doesn’t know how to handle themselves when the going gets tough and they’ll be frustrated by the lack of reaction from the Sedins.  Watch for them to take a ton of penalties, Burkie to sound off a couple times to create a distraction, and for the Canucks to take this series in 6 games.   

 Buffalo vs NYR
The Rangers seem to have scared and surprised a lot of analysts.  They don’t scare Buffalo who’ll come out and just do what they do.  Score lots of goals and win games.  Buffalo in 5. 

Ottawa vs New Jersey
New Jersey is about to run out of whatever magic potion they’ve had in the last 10 years.  It’s done, and Lou’s done.  Ottawa seems to have figured this winning thing out.  Ottawa in 6.

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One Comment on “Playoff Prediction – Round 2”

  1. keke Says:

    deroit is gonna whip those sharks goob by game 6. they just got off to a bad start but they will bounce bac !! im sur of it!

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