SEMI FINALS 1: Canucks 1 Ducks 5

DELAYED POSTING.  I was completely uninspired after that game, but here’s the point. 

They have to throw that one out. 

They started well enough, and things looked good, but then the wheels fell off.

Having Bieksa and Salo out of this game had a big big effect.  When you look at those teams that make it to the finals, they usually are teams that have been relatively injury free. 

That’s not your Vancouver Canucks.

I still haven’t figured out what’s wrong with Bieksa, but Salo seems closer to coming back.  ONE OF THEM HAS TO COME BACK IN GAME TWO!!!

HELP.  That and everyone needs to show up to play.  After another couple days off, with no travel or family to distract them, they should be a bit more rested.

Maybe they can spend some time thinking about how much time the Ducks spent in Luongo’s crease.  That be great place to start anyways.


By buckling down defensively and playing a bit smarter, hopefully they can prevent some of these crazy goals as well.  What was Getzlaf doing all alone out front anyways.  Perry is in the picture here and he got the second assist on this goal.  TIC TAC TOE.  It happened so fast, I didn’t even think the puck went to Getzlaf until I saw the replay. 


There is still an opportunity to give the Canucks home ice advantage.  It really annoyed me in the first round when Dallas won game two in our barn.  I’m not sure that the Anaheim fans have much of a pulse after reading this Canuck Fans blog about being at game 1, but splitting the first two games on the road will be nice.

The California hockey teams seem to have a lot of bloggers writing about them.  Here’s a few to keep your eye on during this series.

Battle of California

Girl With a Puck

Duck’s Blog

Anaheim Ducks Fan

Okay, I know there’s a few more, but these ones are pretty good.  They know their hockey in a land where the sun and surf rule.  Keep it up!!  But lay off our team too!! 

The Chief Canuck

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