Game Over | Series Over | Season Over

This series was lost in Game 4 when the Canucks gave up a 2 goal lead.  Going down 3 games to 1 left them in a position to lose the series on a bad call or fluke play.

In Game 5, both those things happened.  There was no call on Rob Neidermeyer for elbowing Hansen and then a lousy fluke goal was scored by his brother Scott.

Game 4 meant the series.

I have a hard time believing Luongo let in a shot like that after playing so incredibly awesome throughout the entire game.

Its not too often that a goalie loses a 2-1 game with a better save percentage than the guy on the other end, but that’s basically what happened tonight (save for the flurry of saves Sabourin had to make early in O/T).

Roberto, it wasn’t a good goal, but you didn’t lose this game.


The questions will start tomorrow. 

The answers will come slowly over the summer. 

We have to remember that we have a great team.  We were missing Cooke & Kesler for almost the entire playoff run, thenSalo & Bieksa for a number of games as well.

For a decent team with limited depth, they did all right.

The reality is that with a higher salary cap next season, they have the ability to bring in a bit more depth.  And hopefully that will bring in a few more goals.  Roberto is going to be just as good next season.

The Chief Canuck

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4 Comments on “Game Over | Series Over | Season Over”

  1. Keegan Says:

    A couple of blown calls, both leading to goals for Anahiem…
    I feel for you man

  2. MrManners Says:

    As Jim Hughson once said, “It’s all over but the crying.”

    Canucks just looked bored in this series. Let the excuses continue… the Canucks were never destined for the cup.


  3. can your boys play on pentle killing you have to many just standing around not checking or going after the player so they ca not set up a play on power plays .they need to work on that weary much so.

  4. William, the team was #1 in the league on the penalty kill this year.

    Check your stats.

    Their problem is with putting the puck in the net, not keeping it out.

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