NEWCOMER – Ryan Shannon

College Team: Boston College (NCAA)

Notable Teammates: Patrick Eaves (Ottawa); Cory Schneider (Canuck 1st round Draft Pick 2004)

Best CHL Season: 45 points in 38 games

NHL Draft: Undrafted, first pro contract with the Cincinnati Mighty Ducks (AHL) in 2004

Previous Teams: Anaheim Ducks

Best NHL Season: 11 points in 53 games

Anaheim’s scouting department has a knack for finding great undrafted talent out of the NCAA.  Just look at Dustin Penner and Andy McDonald as examples of that.  Both those player were key to delivering a Stanley Cup ring.

Shannon is a young player with a lot of good years ahead of him.  He’s small though, but that may be okay in this new NHL where speed is more of a factor and guys can’t drape themselves over you anymore.

Still, it’s clear in this trade that Burkie wanted a bigger guy, and got that in Jason King.  Even so, Nonis only gave up an asset that wasn’t going to ever going to play in a Canuck uniform again, so he’s better off already.

Shannon only has 53 NHL games under his belt, so expectations shouldn’t be high, but the future looks good for this little speedster.

Here’s a little clip of Shannon in the AHL Shootout courtesy of Rinslet, Canucks FanGirl

The Chief Canuck

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