An RFA Leason Learned

Last fall, when Bobby Clarke was asked about why he tendered  Ryan Kesler an offer sheet, he went on the offensive and blamed it on Nonis.  Well, first he said he followed the rules as outlined in the CBA, and if you don’t like the rules, call the commissioner.

But the thing he said that was of real intersest was when he questioned by Nonis had left his RFA unsigned for so long, leaving him open to this kind of deal.

The problem was that there hadn’t been an offer sheet since 1999 when little known Brett Hauer received one from Tampa Bay.  RFA’s have minimal rights and the Canucks have long used this fact to keep their RFA’s salaries from becoming inflated.  So letting them stay unsigned all summer was never an issue.


Do you know how many RFA’s Dave Nonis has to sign over the rest of the summer?  None.  He got Lukas Krajicek signed to a multi-year deal right before the free agenzy freny started.  He did not want to face the same troubles with an offer sheet this year.

This is a complete change in how the Vancouver hockey club has dealt with their teams in the past.  RFA’s were always dealt with last…and never before July 1.

It’s too bad Nonis got screwed on that offer sheet last year, but he’s adapted, and that’s important.  I just can’t wait for Nonis to stick it to Philadelphia when Richards or Carter become RFA’s in the next few years.

The Chief Canuck

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One Comment on “An RFA Leason Learned”

  1. Swetlishoff Says:

    And if we would have let Kes go, we would have got Turris or Van Remsdyk in return, personally I’d rather have either over Kesler.

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