Early Summer Rumours

Tambellini said it best.  The Canucks have really solidified their 3rd and 4th lines.  They also setup their goaltending tandem for next year and for the farm team.  And they signed their #5 defenseman, leaving them with a need to sign only depth at that position now.

But their most glaring need hasn’t been addressed.  Not yet anyways.

I’ve heard a few rumours out there, and I think that whatever Nonis does, will be dependant on what if he can make a trade or not.  I think that’s his preference right now because there isn’t much with on the free agent market that is affordable or has long term benefit.

Anyways, here’s the rumours:

Sign UFA Alexei Yashin – I gasped the first time I heard his name too.  But after thinking about it a bit more, I think that it wouldn’t be as bad as you first think if it was only a one year deal.  Here’s the point.  If Nonis went to Yashin, it was only because he couldn’t orchestrate a significant trade.  Remember that.  The other thing is that Yashin is talented and he has a lot to prove right now.  Not that that has every mattered before, but he has the talent and could fill the gap until next summer.

Sign UFA Eric Lindros – Honestly, I’d take Yashin over Lindos any day.  Lindros had talent, but spent too much time skating with his head down.  His days are numbered in the NHL.

Trade Ohlund & Morrison for Elias & White – This trade has had a lot of legs all week.  Salary wise, the Canucks and New Jersey Devils could only be trading partners if they were trading equal salaries.  And the salaries are pretty similar here.  Canucks are giving up 7.2m and taking back about 9m.  I think that it’s possible another roster player is involved with the Canucks, but it’s hard to know with rumours. 
I think it would be tough to see Ohlund leave.  He has always been underrated for his work on the back end, and losing him would be a big hit to the team.  White would bring an edge for the Canucks though, and with Salo signed up for 4 more years, we don’t need to worry too much about Ohlunds loss of offense.
Problem is, Elias is already 31 and signed on for 4 more years at 6m.  Are we just getting into another situation with an aging 30 something player that can only post up 25 goals and 60 points? 

Trade involving Montreal & Tampa Bay – I have not heard which way the players may go, or who would be involved.  But know this, Montreal wants Patrick Marleau, so this trade may be pending their ability to get him.  Next thing to remember with these teams is that any time Montreal & Tampa come up in trade talks, Vinny’s name gets the most attention.  I’d be alright with the Canucks getting him, I’d think it would be great, but I don’t see Montreal being involved in a 3 way and Montreal letting him go somewhere else as part of that deal. 

Whatever happens this month, Nonis is not sitting idly by right now.  He’s actively trying to address the Canucks biggest problem, scoring.  But right now, that’ is easier said than done.

The Chief Canuck

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