Another Summer Day, Another Summer Rumour

Today, the Canucks signed Bieksa to 3 more years at 3.75m per season and Aaron Miller out of L.A.  I’ll do a writeup on him tomorrow.

But with the backend solidified, there are more rumours that the Canucks are looking to trade for some scoring.  A top 6 player to get the team some well needed goals. 

Trade with the NY Islanders – I have no idea who the Canucks would want from them, but Hunter’s name seems to come up.  And leaving town seems to always be Ohlund or Morrison now.  We are going to have to wait and see now. 

Nonis is definitely working the phones hard right now to get some scoring for this team.  He knew it was the biggest issue after such a dismal offensive effort in two round of playoff competition, and he is the only one that can fix that right now.

The Chief Canuck

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3 Comments on “Another Summer Day, Another Summer Rumour”

  1. Zanstorm Says:

    So many rumors with Vancouver and New Jersey as well, as Lou needs some D-men and a center.
    What if Nonis does nothing of the sort and just signs a free agent cheapy hopeful??

  2. Signing a cheapy hopeful is a clear last resort for Nonis. Let’s hope he can swing something.

  3. Mike Says:

    Right, he needs a proven guy. Hunter is ok I guess, but if he’s moving Ohlund then we should get a solid scorer in return.

    It’s comical that the goalie and D are so stacked but we just have twins up front. And yeah, and Isbister. WOW 🙂

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