NEWCOMER – Aaron Miller

College Team: U. of Vermont (NCAA)

Notable Teammates: John LeClair (Retired)

Best College Season: 19 points in 31 games

NHL Draft: New York Rangers, 1989 Draft, Round 88th overall (think about that, today, the 88th pick is a 3rd rounder!!)

Previous Teams: Colorado Avalanche, L.A. Kings

Best NHL Season: 18 points in 76 games played

This deal was not about offense.  But Miller will play tough for the team.  He is a fantastic depth move for the team, and with him on a one year deal, the team is at little risk should he lose any skills this year.  That’s becoming more and more of a concern when signing older players now. 

Miller unfortunately has never played for a cup winner.. not unlike a lot of players.  But unlike a lot of players, he missed out barely a few times.  In 1996, when Colorado won it’s first cup, Miller played 5 games with the big club, and didn’t stick with them until the following year.  Unfortunately, that was one year to late to get his name on the cup.  Then in 2001, he was traded with Adam Deadmarsh (now retired) for Rob Blake at the deadline.  Colorado went on to win the cup that year too.

Anyways, Miller isnt’ the last missing piece for the team to make an appearance in the cup final, but it can be an important piece for a rugged and long playoff run.

The Chief Canuck

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One Comment on “NEWCOMER – Aaron Miller”

  1. Jay Deley Says:

    Hey there Chief Canuck,

    Was looking up info about John Leclair, and if his retirement was official… and your post above (on new Canuck Aaron Miller) was the only place online I could find stating it.

    Do you have any proof he is for sure retired?

    Just curious – I work on arenacenter doing NHL rosters there.


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