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A Sedin Tribute

August 31, 2007

Just for fun, and to get you excited for the season, watch a bit of fun hockey.  Background music by Europe – The Final Countdown.  Classic.

 The Chief Canuck


The Vancouver Sweater

August 29, 2007

It was another good event at GM Place with 4-6 thousand on hand to see the release of the new sweater.  Before they had the players come out, I could peer down the hallway and could see them in it.  I knew immediately what it was, and it was exactly like one of the leaks we had all previously seen. 


The Hockey Sweater

August 29, 2007

One of my favourite all time stories as a child is a book called The Hockey Sweater.  Originally written in French by Roch Carrier.


It’s an amazing tale of a child, who in 1946 when the Rocket Richard was a cultural icon, wore out his #9 Montreal Canadiens sweater.


Reliance on the Twin

August 28, 2007

Yes, the singular Twin.  Henrik.  I was on Foxsports a minute ago and read this piece on reliance of goal scorers on a single playmaker.  Guess who was #1 in the league.  Daniel.

Here’s how the top ten break down: