Rypien’s Hit – Aftermath

I am tired of players acting stupid, and having the blame placed on the other player because the stupid one is injured.

Nobody wants to see a guy taken off on a stretcher.  Nobody.

But, when a player sees a guy coming in a full tilt (which is allowed in hockey), you cannot turn your number to them.  clearly he saw him and tried to turn around and side step him to get out of the way.  But seriously, all Roy did was put himself in a vulnerable position. 

There is no debate on this issue, it wasn’t dirty.  Roy was stupid.

Downie’s hit was deliberate and he left his feet to make it.  Rypien didn’t need do either, just tried to forecheck hard.

We’ll see this over and over this year.  When you see it, think, did the guy turn his numbers at the last second.  If he did, put the blame on that player, not the one that hit him.

The Chief Canuck

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