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Game 06 – VAN 2 SJ 4

October 15, 2007

The Good
I wonder if someone told Henrik to actually shoot this year.  His goal tonight was awesome, it reminded me of a Linden type shot off one knee.  Anyways, at this rate, Henrik might actually hit double digits for goals this year!  Okay, I’m being a bit facetious, he normally gets double digits, but he’s never hit 20.  And right now he’s on pace for 27.



Game 05 – VAN 4 EDM 1

October 13, 2007

The Good
Another win, but this time at home.  On their third try, they were finally able to replicate at home what they have been doing on the road.

The Sedins absolutely own Edmonton.  Both are on track for record years.   Their display in the second period for 2:15 of power play and even strength dominance was incredible.  And Daniel’s goal to close off all that was awesome, he paused and picked his spot.  Simply amazing to have that kind of patience.


Game 04 – VAN 5 EDM 2

October 12, 2007

Sorry about the last games update.  I wrote it, but didn’t post it. 

The Good
The Canucks have managed games of 4 and 5 goals this season.  That is awesome stuff from a team that we didn’t expect any offense from.  And the team had 5 different scorers tonight which is equally as impressive.  So much for no secondary scoring. 


Game 03 – VAN 2 PHI 8

October 11, 2007

I had contemplated doing something different this year, but think I will just stick with The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.  Unless anyone else has any other suggestions for me.

The Good
Sedins got 2 points each.  Krajicek’s goal from Daniel was a play that I had not seen from the power play before.  I was happy to see them do something a bit different there and be rewarded for it.


Game 02 – VAN 4 CAL 3 (OT)

October 6, 2007

I love watching hockey in HDTV.  I am so thankful the CBC have more that just 1 HD set of equipment now.

Sportsnet still has a long way to go on this.  I hardly watch anything that isn’t on an HD channel anymore.  I looked for the hockey game for 5 minutes before I remembered it would probably be on the regular Sportsnet channel.

But, about the game…


Game 01 – VAN 1 SJ 3

October 6, 2007

Unfortunately, the Canucks had to play their first game of the season against a team that had already been through 3 full periods, an overtime, and a shootout.

And the first 12 minutes of the game showed and proved to be the difference. 


2007/08 Predictions

October 3, 2007

On my predictions last year I got 5 out of 12 correct (or at least partially correct).  Which isn’t too bad considering all the variables.

Art Ross – A given for Sidney if he stays healthy
Vezina – Brodeur will officially pass the torch to Roberto Luongo.  It should hvae happened last year, but that mistake won’t happen again.
Hart – If the Canucks can get to the Eastern Final (meaning they get some secondary scoring), then Roberto is a shoe in for this.
Western Final – Detroit & Vancouver
Eastern Final – Ottawa & Pittsburgh
Surprise Playoff Team East – Los Angeles Kings (same guess as last year)
Surprise Playoff Team West – Florida Panthers (same guess as last year)
First Coach Fired East – Bob Hartley, Atlanta (same guess as last year)
First Coach Fired West – Dave Tippet, Dallas

The Chief Canuck