Game 01 – VAN 1 SJ 3

Unfortunately, the Canucks had to play their first game of the season against a team that had already been through 3 full periods, an overtime, and a shootout.

And the first 12 minutes of the game showed and proved to be the difference. 

As dissapointing as it was, it was great to see them out there again.  And they played really good through the final 2 periods.  They may have only scored one goal, but you could see them coming together and starting to hustle and create more chances as the game went on.

I think the best play of the game was Aaron Miller coming back, and ended up taking his own net out.  Watching that at full speed was incredible.  I didn’t know too much about him, but I guarantee Roberto appreciates having a guy that tough, and willing to make a sacrifice playing in front of him. 

Roberto himself looked fairly average as well in the first period.  Not that I think he should have saved all three of those goals, but he could clearly see his disappointment after the one or Roenicks goal went in.


He picked it up quite a bit as the game went on and made a few dazzling saves, including this nice poke check on Patrick Marleau.


Anyways, nothing to worry about.  Yet.

Except that why is Vigneault already juggling his lines like a mad man.  Can’t he go one game with things the way they are so that the lines can build some chemistry. 

I suppose he thinks chemistry breeds familiarity, which breeds complacency.  And he wants hard work. 

We’ll see.

The Chief Canuck

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