Game 02 – VAN 4 CAL 3 (OT)

I love watching hockey in HDTV.  I am so thankful the CBC have more that just 1 HD set of equipment now.

Sportsnet still has a long way to go on this.  I hardly watch anything that isn’t on an HD channel anymore.  I looked for the hockey game for 5 minutes before I remembered it would probably be on the regular Sportsnet channel.

But, about the game…

Calgary was so aggressive at the start of this game.  I didn’t even notice the Canucks in the offensive zone for about the first 10 minutes when Naslund finally made a few good plays.  Then the Sedins did it, then the Canucks went on a power play.  And they started to get better.  You only get those opportunities when you skate and use your feet, and that’s what they finally did.

But still, on that first powerplay, Calgary was all over them and super aggressive.  There was no opportunity for Vancouver to get set up.  They got chances, but every one came from a scrambled play.

The Canucks did carry the play for the rest of the period.  And they had a ton of chances.  All lines seem to have put pressure on the Flames every shift.  And Luongo came up big with a save on a Tanguay – Iginla 2 on 1. 

The Canucks came out strong again in the second, particularly the Sedins.  The completely dominated the middle frame, and were rewarded with three nice goals power play goals as a result.  But it was their hard work 5 on 5 that really impressed me, and it was that hard work that gave them the first 4 opportunities of the game on the power play as well.

Then Calgary came out strong in the third and scored two goals to send the game to OT. 

Back and forth and back again.  It all came down to which team sat back and which team put on the pressure.

All through OT, and even with the Canucks down a man, they still really controlled the play and had the better scoring chances.  I’m really happy Daniel got that last goal, he seemed to be everywhere in this game and deserved a goal for sure.


Other Game Notes:
– I had forgotten just how quick a skater Ryan Kesler was.  I saw him rushing for the puck on a play in the second period and assumed it was one of the newbie youngsters.  Nope, it was Kes.  Good to have you back, I hope you get a few more points than you did last year.
– How about Luongo bending like Beckham and staying in the game.  I think all of Canuck nation was holding their breath for a couple minutes there as we watch Curtis Sanford get on the ice and start to warm up.  I think Miller owes him a dinner for that dumb move though.
How exciting was that to score and win the game with less than 5 seconds on the clock.  You cannot beat that.  And having the Calgary penalty on the play right before that is what really allowed Daniel to be so open.  Awesome.

The Chief Canuck

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