Game 03 – VAN 2 PHI 8

I had contemplated doing something different this year, but think I will just stick with The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly.  Unless anyone else has any other suggestions for me.

The Good
Sedins got 2 points each.  Krajicek’s goal from Daniel was a play that I had not seen from the power play before.  I was happy to see them do something a bit different there and be rewarded for it.

Actually, the power play has looked great all the up until the 3rd period where it completely crapped out.  Not on did they not score an a 2 minute 5 on 3, or a 5 minute major, they got scored on at one point. 

The Bad
Curtis Sanford in the second period.  Really Vigneault?  How bad is it for the Canucks when he’s trying to send a message only 3 games into the season.


Then with Sanford in net, the Flyers put the puck in the net on their first shot in the second period.

The Ugly
Defensive zone coverage was completelly awful tonight.  Ryan Shannon was a minus-4. 

Aside from that ugliness though, what is up with a winning team going after a player.  Boulerice is a punk and always has been one.  Incredible what he did to Kesler.  He tried to drop the gloves to fight him, then realized he wasn’t getting up.


Hey Boulourice!  It’s hard to fight, I have a hockey stick through my head!!! 

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