Game 04 – VAN 5 EDM 2

Sorry about the last games update.  I wrote it, but didn’t post it. 

The Good
The Canucks have managed games of 4 and 5 goals this season.  That is awesome stuff from a team that we didn’t expect any offense from.  And the team had 5 different scorers tonight which is equally as impressive.  So much for no secondary scoring. 

Burrows also made redemption for the 5 on 3 gaffe the night before by scoring short handed.  That is not something the Canucks have been very well known for since the days of Pavel Bure.

And tonight, they were a cumulative plus-19 on the night.  A great turn out for a team that was a no show only two nights prior. 

The Bad
7 penalties to the Oilers 2.  They were pretty well disciplined tonight in their own barn.  They just don’t have what we do between the pipes.  That made the difference tonight and allowed the Canucks to get and keep that momentum.


The Ugly
The Canucks will not be disciplined tomorrow night and take a rash of penalties again.  Add to the fact they’ll put themselves in a position to lose, they hardly ever win a home at home series straight out. 

Plus, the team has had two great showings on the road and two stinkers at home so far.  What do you think is going to happen on Saturday night.

Enjoy the game in HD tomorrow on the CBC, but don’t expect a big win.

Other Notes
At least Vigneault was honest about the reason Shannon was chosen to go down to the farm (he’s the only one that doesn’t have to clear waivers), you know that he’s just been itching to get Ryp (as he affectionately calls him) into the lineup.

I really don’t like Rypien only because Vigneault seems to have some sort of love in with him.  But he did what Vigneault wanted him to, and that was to bring some energy to the lineup.

A neat fact from tonight, only one player had less than 11 minutes of ice time tonight.  That was Brad Isbister with 10:30.

The Chief Canuck

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