Game 05 – VAN 4 EDM 1

The Good
Another win, but this time at home.  On their third try, they were finally able to replicate at home what they have been doing on the road.

The Sedins absolutely own Edmonton.  Both are on track for record years.   Their display in the second period for 2:15 of power play and even strength dominance was incredible.  And Daniel’s goal to close off all that was awesome, he paused and picked his spot.  Simply amazing to have that kind of patience.

Brendan Morrison is also on pace for a career year.  While Daniel and Henrik lead the team and both have 7 points in 5 games, Morrison has 5 in 5, on pace for 82 points.  Being that his career high is 71 points while playing on the West Coast Express, he’s really got it going right now.  For Mo, it’s all because he keeps his feet moving and uses his speed.

I knew that the Canucks power play had been great for us this year, but was in shock… total shock.. to hear that they were second in the league on the power play.  I wonder if they had the right Canucks?

Anyways, Luongo was also good tonight.  But would we expect any less from him?


The Bad
Cowan suffered a leg injury on his fight 5 seconds into the game.  Of all the ways to get hurt in a fight, that’s a tough one to have to swallow for Cowan.  He won’t be happy. 

But, unlike what was said on the broadcast, Cowan played two more short shifts in the first period.  So, it looks like he was going to try and play through whatever happened to his leg, but we’ll have to wait how bad it really is.

I can’t say I was surprised that Cooke was sat out for tonights game.  He’s been absent all year so far.  But I bet he comes back to the lineup with a vengeance and we won’t see that happen to him again anytime soon. 

The Ugly
Another goal scored against Vancouver while on the power play.  Morrison gave the puck away, but Stoll had tricked him into thinking he was going one direction.  Nope. 

Other Notes
Mason Raymond is having trouble impressing Vigneault.  Maybe it’s getting better for him though.  He only played 3 shifts in the first period, but got 4 in the second and 5 in the third.  Then again, maybe he gave him more shifts only because the game was in hand.

Strangest play of the game goes to Markus Naslund.  After collapsing down low, he passed the puck up to Pyatt along the far boards and headed off for a line change.  Henrik Sedin speeds out to the open slot and takes a shot off of a Pyatt rebound.  Pyatt then puts in Henriks rebound for the goal.  Naslund, who was well positioned on the bench by now, gets the second assist on the play.  Nice.

The Chief Canuck

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