Game 06 – VAN 2 SJ 4

The Good
I wonder if someone told Henrik to actually shoot this year.  His goal tonight was awesome, it reminded me of a Linden type shot off one knee.  Anyways, at this rate, Henrik might actually hit double digits for goals this year!  Okay, I’m being a bit facetious, he normally gets double digits, but he’s never hit 20.  And right now he’s on pace for 27.

Brad Isbister surprised me a bit tonight.  With limited ice time in the first period, his hard play tonight created 3 power play opportunities for the Canucks.   It’s too bad he’s not more consistent as you can see he has some talent, can’t always put it all together.


Another good thing about this game is that it was the last visit for San Jose to Vancouver for THE REST OF THE SEASON!  How nice is that.

When Daniel missed the wide open net on a power play, you knew it was going to be a tough night for them.  What I like though, was his reaction to missing it.  He was mad.  He even smashed his stick on the boards in anger.  Good for him.  He has to stay motivated and lead this team in scoring.  Meaning, we can’t afford for him to miss those chances or the wins won’t come.

The Bad
The Canucks lost this game because their normally strong power play failed them.  Actually, they lost the game because of some unfortunate bounces early on.  They played well enough to win, especially in the first half, but the goals just didn’t come for them.

Why does it always seem that players break out of their slump against the Canucks.  Cheechoo had no points all season.  Tonight he ended with 2 points, a goal and an assist. 

The Ugly
3 goals in 2:20.  Need I say more. 

Although the game was really lost when Daniel missed the open net.  Thats my turning point.

Other Game Notes
Nice to see Edler back in the lineup.  Defensive prospects are so valuable, and its great to see a guy that was otherwise under the radar on draft day, make the club so quickly.  He’ll be here for the rest of the season now.

Where is the love?  Vigneault only played Rypien 8:08 in this game.   I thought there was something going on there, but maybe the coach didn’t like the penalty Ryp took tonight.

The Chief Canuck

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One Comment on “Game 06 – VAN 2 SJ 4”

  1. Rinslet Says:

    XD I don’t know if I want to watch this game or not. haha It’s on my PVR… :O

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