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The Neely Trade

April 30, 2008

The pain continues.

Pederson –> Neely + Wesley
Wesley –> 1st Round Draft Pick in 1995, 1996, 1997
1997 1st Rd. Pick –> Sergei Samsonov
Sergei Samsonov –> Marty Reasoner, Yan Stastny, 2006 2nd Round Draft Pick
2006 2nd Rd. Pick –> Milan Lucic

The Chief Canuck



Round II Predictions

April 30, 2008


Sharks vs Stars – San Jose in 6
Still despise the Stars for landing Brad Richards and consequently having Nonis fired. 

Wings vs Avalanche- Wings in 5
Wings.  Forsberg just doesn’t have it, and the Wings seem to be on a rampage.


Penguins vs Rangers – Penguins in 5
Malkin the Monster is still at it.  The question is, how will they face the adversity of their first loss this post season?  It’s inevitable.

Canadiens vs Flyers – Habs in 6
Canadiens have got it all, but can they keep it going?  I think so.  The Flyers are still a beaten up team.

The Chief Canuck

Round I Predictions

April 10, 2008


Flames vs Sharks – San Jose in 6
They have to win.  Period.  The addition of Brian Campbell was exactly what was needed for this team to push over the edges.  They have every piece of a Stanley Cup contender. 

Avalanche vs Wild – Colorado in 7
This is a toss up.  The Wild really wanted to play Anaheim, but they didn’t get that match-up.  IF, Colorado can stay healthy, they’ll win this series.  Plus, I love a feel-good story, and what better story this year than the resurgence of Jose Theodore, whom we had all left for dead.

Predators vs Wings – Wings in 5
Nashville will try and be physical with the Wings, but it won’t work.  They are too small and weak themselves.  Still, it’s a surprise to see them in the playoffs, so they may push this to 6 games.

Ducks vs Stars – Ducks in 6
The Stars just don’t have it together yet.  Plus I’m still put out by the fact they won the Richards sweepstakes.  Go rot Dallas.


Penguins vs Senators – Penguins in 5
A reversal of fortunes from last year.  This time, Sid the Kid has Malkin the Monster and a complete cast of superheroes to take charge and dominate this series beginning to end.

Rangers vs Devils – Rangers in 6
Devils are playing the same game they did 15 years ago.  Albeit with their 420th coach, but who’s counting.  I despised them then, and still do.  The only thing Rangers are really missing is a puck moving defenseman to get the puck out of their end.  Fortunately for them, they have all-star Henrik to save them when they turn it over.

Canadiens vs Bruins – Habs in 4
Bruins might have made the playoffs, but they have nothing to give against a well balanced Montreal team.  Nothing.

Capitals vs Flyers – Capitals in 6
Flyers are too beat up and haven’t found their groove for a long long time.  Caps have been absolutely flying since Boudreau took over.  They’ll keep that up in the first round an roll over the Flyers.

The Chief Canuck


How Bad is That?!

April 9, 2008

I am in complete disbelief that Team Canada announced it’s first 15 players to their roster, and not one player from the Canucks made the team.


It’s one thing to miss the playoffs, and a whole other to have no Canadian players make the team.  Up front with Alexander Burrows, but most notably on the backend with Kevin Bieksa & Willie Mitchell. 

Team Canada only name 3 defenseman; Duncan Kieth, Jay Boumeester, & Steve Staios. 

Nonis, take note.  you may have problems scoring goals, but Team Canada thinks that those three, and four yet to be names players are better than 2 of the top 4 D you have.

That’s how bad it is.

The Chief Canuck