A New Direction?

Signings to date – July 2nd

Curtis Sanford – Resigned 1 year; 700K?
Darcy Hordichuk – 3 years; 750K/season
Ryan Johnson – 2 years; 1.15m/season
Kyle Wellwood – 1 year; 977K

Darcy, Ryan, & Kyle essentially replace Byron Ritchie, Brad Isbister, & Trevor Linden in the bottom six forwards.  With Wellwood, there is definitely a skill level upgrade there.  But this isn’t what Gillis had in mind when stating the team needed to make bold moves.

Mats Sundin offer of 2 years at 10m per season is BOLD.  But it has so far failed to bring him to the West Coast.  At this point, I don’t think Mats is going to make it out here, despite the bold offer.

The 3 year offer sheet for David Backes was also very bold.  They took a player that was making just over 650K per season and offered him 3 years at 2.5m.  And they were calculated in picking a team and a position that they felt would have to think hard about whether or not they want to accept this contract.  St. Louis didn’t even blink before filing papers with the league to keep him a member of their hockey club. 

So far bold has gotten this hockey club absolutely nothing.  My question is, what other tricks do you have up your sleeve Mr. Gillis.  I’m still waiting for a new direction.

The Chief Canuck

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One Comment on “A New Direction?”

  1. Aries1994 Says:

    I really didn’t get excited when I heard that the Canucks were trying to get Matts Sundin. Yes, he is a good player, but he bleeds blue and white. He will never be anything but a Maple Leaf and I never have liked Toronto. I want Daniel and Henrik here for a long time and they want it too. I’m going to give M. Gillis time. It’s his first gig as a General Manager, and by what he does, we will know if we are ever going to get that damn mug.

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